Saturday, January 8, 2011

St. George Island

Just got in. We took a quick trip to visit a friend whose father is in the hospital. On the way back we stopped at St. George Island. I think some tone on tone, textures, and possibly even some lighthouses and cracker houses may be coming up in my work.

I say quick trip, but we both have to stop often to get out of the car and stretch our weary bones. So that makes the trip take longer than usual.

To save costs we slept in the back of my car. We're getting too old to sleep on the foam mattress I covered more than 25 years ago. I think it's worn out and both Gary and I got "gnarled up" from sleeping on it and left at 2 am in the morning for home and our own bed.

We'd also gone to look at a camping trailer, another junker. Wish we could find one suitable in condition and price. Still looking. More later. Comments are welcome.


  1. Love the photos, Linda, and it sounds like a good road trip. I used to do a lot of sleeping in the back of my car, but my current car simply won't allow it and the body won't either. I can relate. Nature provides some fine patterns for your clay work doesn't it? I love how you incorporate them into your pieces. May the perfect camper appear Soon!

  2. hi linda,
    we went there last year and loved it. i'm wondering what the temperature is?
    i think if it's temperate, it might be a good way to spend xmas break. have fun.

  3. beautiful pictures... oh how i love the beach and miss living close to it!
    i know what you mean about needing a comfy bed... on New Years eve we slept at my sisters on a tempurpedic bed...OMG it was great! we really, really want one now.

  4. oooo look at all of that inspiration!! Can't wait to see what moves you :o) Yeah, Derek and I pitched a tent last summer in Homer, slept on the "beachy" sand...may have been our last night sleeping on the ground in a tent -unless we can figure out how to fit our king-size bed in it! Heck, even Gus and the dog were uncomfortable!

  5. Hi Teresa, thanks, we have got to go back there when we have more time, just couldn't do it this time.

    Hi Jim, thanks, it was windy, but the night low was only 59 higher than expected, Pensacola was much colder, that little bit of distance made a big difference. and the beaches were deserted, so wonderful.

    Hi Michele, thanks, temperpedic, sounds wonderful and I've also heard about those sleep number beds, wish we had more money. I often wonder if the old water beds are better than what is available now.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, the sand should have been a cushion, what about an air mattress; we have one but the pump broke and we neglected to bring it anyway. I may look for a foam store, the foam is so expensive, but maybe I can find some one sale.

  6. Beautiful photos. How wonderful your Florida adventures sound. Of course, I hear you about the old bones and needing a good bed. No more camping for this old gal, unless it's in an RV. I think you can get Tempurpedic type pads, that might help next time to put over your existing foam cushions.

    Hope you can find a camper/rv soon.

  7. Don't you just love nature. When asking an artist, what is their inspiration and the answer is nature, I go...aaaaah! I've camped for years and the good/comfy times just blur in my's the cold, uncomfortable, crazy times that stand out. But, a good camper would be real nice...ha ha ha !!!!

  8. Hi Barbara, thanks, yeah the old bones aren't what they used to be, but the Florida coasts and even inland have much to offer.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I wouldn't mind the cold and all, but my back get so stiff, it is in danger of going out except in almost perfect conditions, I have many memories of the past and this time I could see the stars so clearly, no ambient light from cities there which was nice.

  9. Can't wait to see some of these rhythmic textures on some of your pots. I can relate to gnarled up.

  10. Great pictures. I looove tone on tone. Can't wait to see what you create, Linda.

    It's a thought, but, maybe...while in Louisiana and Mississippi we saw signs for folks to buy FEMA trailers. I've got a photo of one sign in Louisiana on my blog, with phone no., I think. If the price is right, you're not too far away.

  11. Wonderful shots, you really have a good eye.
    Just think if you weren't creaky and needed to stretch your legs, you would have missed all that.
    I have been known to put an air mattress in the back of my pickup with a camper top and slept like a baby.

  12. Hi Judith, thanks, I was exclaiming all over the place about all the textures on the beach. Now to see what I can come up with.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, I think Gary told me the fema trailers don't have the refrigerators that work on propane only electric and also their resale isn't that good, you know us we may change our minds and want to resell it.

    Hi Patti, thanks, we have an air mattress, but Gary can't find the thing that fills it up, but he was saying he didn't like it for some reason or another. I'll have to ask him again. Even getting in and out of the car isn't easy, so I think a trailer will be the ticket. There are a few more in the ads now so we'll see.


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