Saturday, January 15, 2011

Standing Room Only

Before we left for the reception yesterday I asked Gary to help make another batch of the celery sticks. Luckily I did they were a big hit and there were lots of crowds last night. Gary keeps saying he isn't talented, but he always thinks outside the box. I think he'd be building something like this if he worked in three dimensional art.

Here's a few random shots I took from last night before the crowds arrived. Check out this alligator serving dish, I love it.

The reception was literally standing room only even though the Stirling Gallery is located upstairs and the entrance is behind the building.

Art walkers in Dunedin obviously know their way around the galleries.

With lots of food, wine, music, exuberant artists and patrons alike, it was an enjoyable evening for all. Got in very late last night.

I hope to get more photos today. Gotta run since I have to be back down there again for the show sale which continues from noon to 3 p.m today, more later. Thanks for stopping in last night and for all your well wishes here on the blog, your comments mean a lot to me, I'll reply individually tomorrow.


  1. Good luck Linda, hope the sale goes well for you, yes love that alligator dish!

  2. What a fun evening! Sure hope the sale does well. I just love visiting galleries and meeting artists.

  3. Sounds like a very fun night! Good luck today :)

  4. The alligator dish is a hoot! Love it. Hope today is much fun!

  5. Good luck with gallery and sales; wishing you best down there in Florida. Joan and Lana

  6. looks like a great show... sell lots of pots today!

  7. Oh yeah.. that alligator dish! Good sales..

  8. We were both just a couple of pARTy girls this week weren't we Linda?! So happy to hear how you've dived into your new art community in your new environment :o) Lovely, ware too. $ell lot$! And that Croc dish -OMG FAB!

  9. oh I love the serving dish that is great.
    Tell us all about it when you get home!

  10. Looks like fun, Linda and hope the excitment continued today.. Belonging to communinity is a gift.Look forward to more pics.
    Cheers, T.

  11. I really like your display. Hope you sell lots.
    That was quite a spread,nice to have something to eat while waiting.

  12. I made the celery sticks like you posted a few days ago for our Claymatters Holiday Party and my platter was empty when I went home. Thanks for the recipe.

  13. Hi Tracey, thanks so much for your well wishes, there are some really cool pieces in this show for sure.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I like going to galleries too, it amazes me just how creative so many people really are.

    Hi Kathy, thanks ever so much.

    Hi Patricia, thanks yeah who knew alligators could be so cute.

    Hi Joan and Lana, thanks so much, I hope you two get a chance to visit down here, you're always welcome.

    Hi Michele, thanks, it is a great show.

    Hi Craig, thanks, there was a huge turtle too, and lots of other good pots.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, yeah, party girls, croc dish is cool.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, there really aren't any limits to clay.

    Hi Trish, thanks, you really hit it on the head, the community, please check out the next post, you have esp.

    Hi Patti, thanks, it really was quite a nice display of food and later one of the mixed media artists brought in some of her tall birds to jazz up the table, they were also a hoot.

    Hi Judy, thanks, I'm putting this recipe in my recipe file for sure, folks remarked about them the next day, so glad you liked the recipe and it's one of those that's good for you too, not too much guilt about eating only sweets. Ha.

  14. Wow, looks like an awesome show and reception! And quite a nice spread, love that alligator serving dish. What a great evening! Cheers!


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