Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stirling Show Up, and Life

Delivered my pots to the Stirling Gallery in Dunedin yesterday afternoon. The reception will be Friday evening, January 14 from 5:30 to 8:30 held in conjunction with the Dunedin 2nd Friday Wine/Art Walk. Thanks to Carol Mayle and Clara Ann for all their hard work setting up the show.

Photos here are a sneak peak of the some of the pottery being shown for the month of January. One of my pieces is in the first three photos. Sorry about the quality of the photos. The work is under plexiglass and, with the gallery lighting, it's hard to avoid reflections.

The following day, January 15, the artist's in the show will have a pottery sale also at the Stirling Gallery from 12 to 3 p.m. If you're in the area either day please stop by and say hi. Otherwise the work will be up for the whole month of January if you're in the Dunedin, Florida area. Dunedin is close to Clearwater and the Tampa Bay Area.

Gary came along to help me carry my work and afterwards he took me to the Cafe Alfresco. Since we got there early and it wasn't too busy the sous chef made up a special meal for me. He made some Maryland crab cakes without any wheat coating.

Since June last year I've had to change my eating habits tremendously and that's been a real challenge. So many products contain wheat or gluten, you wouldn't believe it. No pizza, no bread, no cereal, blah, blah, blah, even soy sauce has wheat except one brand I learned.

I found out rather dramatically I was allergic to gluten and wheat. Back then I was extremely ill for a number of months and truly faced my own mortality narrowly escaping the grim reaper. I'm finally feeling like I'm on the other side of that coin, but still each morning I'm amazed and thankful I wake up alive.

In some of my posts I've romanticized traveling across the country in our RV. In the past we relocated four different times and each of those moves was much easier than this trip. Those travels and moves were much more romantic than this one turned out to be.

I'm now realizing each journey has it's price and this one had a high one for several reasons. Having to leave our long time home of California; and also having to painfully cut a lot of "dead wood" out of my life; and packing up and moving across the country has it's rewards but it hasn't been easy dealing with all that.

With the new year here I thought verbalizing some of my thoughts about the past might strengthen the bridge into the future for me. Truthfully there were many days over the past year or so where all I was able to do was read blogs or write on my blog and work on my pottery. Over the last month or so I've been feeling back to what I consider my normal self. With previous energies coming back, I hope (like h...) I continue along in that vein.

Your blogs and your comments on my blog have truly been welcoming places of respite for me, especially since in the past I used to live in the middle of no where. I'm still a distance away from the main guild location here but am glad I've found a pottery group in Florida where I can meet with other potters in person, which I'm really looking forward to enjoying this year.

Ok, onward and upward, coming up the other recipe I promised, a home improvement project I've been working on, and a homemade clay tool I'm making. Thanks for listening.
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  1. looks like a great show Linda and having your health means more than most people could know.

  2. Linda - your an inspiration! I enjoy reading your blog a lot!

    here's to a super healthy and abundant 2011! You've made a massive shift in your life and hopefully you are past the toughest part.

    and the show looks great! congrats.

  3. Looks like a great show, what a weird thing though that everything is under glass, I would want to be picking up all of it, oh, yeah, guess that's why it's under glass :) Wow, giving up wheat is rough, I have almost decided that I will have to give up sugar, but everything out there has wheat and sugar grrr...

  4. Congrats on the show. I loved going to Dunedin when we lived in Tampa, but that was way before my pottery days so I don't know where the gallery is.

    My cousin found out she was allergic to gluten among other things a couple of years ago. She has made some serious adjustments to her diet, but has managed to find a pizzeria which makes a gluten-free variety. Keep on the look-out!

  5. I may have missed something, but where is the pottery you submitted for the show? How exciting for you. Congrats!
    It's always inspiring to read your posts. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

  6. Hi Meredith, thanks, you know I was always grateful I was never sick, but never knew what it was like to be ill, it has been a real eye opener for me and when I see others suffering I truly know what it's like now.

    Hi Linda, thanks so much, I am hoping all goes well, in fact I'm planning on it. Ha.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, the gallery doesn't always have someone in the main section as it is a coop so they have to have the plexiglass for security purposes. I just found a magazine and found some suppliers for products without wheat so I may be able to overcome some of the lack of variety now. It really is an eye opener when you start reading labels of just how poor some of the processed foods are in this country. Good old meat and potatoes isn't so bad looking now.

    Hi Kari, thanks, I did find some rice flour in the grocery the other day so I may be able to use that. Only thing is the speciality items always cost more money.

    Hi Amy, thanks, my pots are in the first three photos grouped with others pottery too, the first is Mrs. Peanut on the right with the tall vase with the wavy arms and textured surface, the second is the alternating waves vase on the right, and the third is an low oblong seaweed vase in the front on the right.

  7. congrats on the show! happy to hear you are feeling more like yourself as we enter 2011.

  8. A happy, healthy start to the new year. I can only imagine how hard uprooting was for you and Gary. You always seem to put a good face on it. I hope the new year brings you continuing recovery of your health and that your creative spirit continues to shine! The show looks great!

  9. Hi Michele, thanks, I hope it lasts.

    Hi Patricia, thanks, didn't want to clog up the blog with too much negativity, but sometimes stuff just has to come out.


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