Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweet Dreams Paul Soldner

I just heard about Paul Soldner passing away. My first college instructor knew Paul from Scripps College in Claremont California and always said Paul could do amazing things with clay so effortlessly. He said "Paul could take any lump of clay and make it look good" and "Paul would take a slab of clay and it seemed to flow in his hands".

I was impressed with my teacher's descriptions of Paul's work especially Paul's slab work and sculptures. My instructor said Paul was always experimenting and taking risks with clay. I try to take risks in my clay work each day. Thanks for inspiring me and for your contribution to American Contemporary Ceramics; Sweet dreams Paul Soldner.


  1. It is always sad to lose someone who has helped to form us.
    They never die however, they live in all the people they touched.

  2. Paul Soldner touched so many lives with his work, he will always be with us.

  3. A wonderful tribute...I like the piece that you posted with it very much.

  4. Amazing how he touched so many in the world of clay...

  5. Hi Patti, thanks, you are so right about that and hopefully it makes us think about who we have now all the more.

    Hi Lori, thanks, you are so right about that he'll still be with us.

    Hi Helen, thanks, he did have a way with the clay for sure and wasn't afraid to express himself as he felt.

    Hi Cynthis, thanks, it truly is amazine how he touched so many.

  6. oops, should be Cynthia, letters are too close for my fingers on the keyboard.


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