Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daytona 500

Very soon I'll run out of this black clay. Even though it comes from the West coast, I'm going to have to find a way to spring for the shipping to get more.

One of the reasons I like working with this clay is because of the high contrast. Since I only have about ten pounds left I thought I'd make some wall tiles emphasizing contrast. these wall tiles are about six inches square. Right now the clay is a dark brown, but when it fires it will turn an ebony black.

At the last minute I decided to poise the pink flower up above the black clay tile, rather than adhering it flat to the surface like the daisy. Here's a side view. The pea pods also extend out half an inch but the bottom of the pod is flat on the tile. I can't wait to see how these will look hung on a wall.

I'd like to try more of these more three dimensional type tiles. I thought about making the pieces more intricate and detailed, but I tend toward a more simplistic style. If you know me, you know I'll be putting some geometric shapes on these tiles too. I'm also making high contrast pendants with the leftover pieces of clay. That way I use every bit of my precious black clay.

This afternoon we're going to a Daytona 500 party. Hey Nascar's a Southern thing. Drink a little bootleg moonshine, make a few bets, drive fast and furious. The party's right across the street, I may sneak back over here and make some more tiles. I'm on a roll right now and I just can't help myself. Comments are welcome.


  1. i love the pink flower... on it's own it would make a sweet dish as well.
    NASCAR... i just don't get the appeal. i could say more but i don't want to get run out of the south ;-)

  2. Great ideas. I love the pink flower contrasted with the dark. Have fun at the par-tay, but I do understand that being on a roll...almost impossible to resist... Have a great Sunday!

  3. The tiles are fab. Love the daisy and the pink flower contrasted on the black. Nice!

  4. those look good enough to eat!
    Have fun with the party and watch out for that moonshine- it can kick your butt!

  5. Lovely delicate images!

  6. Check into Black Raven from Stone Mountain Clay:

    It might be less expensive to ship from GA than CA.

  7. The black clay is so nice, I love the way you left the pink flower raised like that. Really pretty.

    Hub is a NASCAR fan and has gone to many of the races, and we also almost moved to Charlotte. The only thing I DO like is the sound. But I am a Formula One gal, and we are getting a track here in Austin. Yay!

  8. Linda..those are terrific!! I love the pea pods...and contrast indeed..:)..
    cheers. T.

  9. Love the black clay and the high contrast. The first one is my fave, although they are all beautiful!

    The party sounds like fun, especially the bootleg moonshine. :) Cheers!

  10. The tiles are so lovely and at the same time very interesting! I like the first pink one best though the rest ones look very nice too! Love the stereoscopic effect!!

  11. Your tiles are wonderful -- you could always make a black slip if you can't find a black clay body close by.

  12. Hi Michele, thanks, I mixed up that pink slip darker this time. I don't really get the appeal of cars going around and around either, but it was our neighbor's party and we're living in the south so I might as well be neighborly, but now if I was driving fast myself that would be different story.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, yes hard to resist sometimes, I tend to work in spurts. Ha.

    Hi Ronna, thanks, I'm liking the contast. I'm thinking of a bird on one now thinking about your latest cake which was so wonderful.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, this clay does look like chocolate, you have given me an idea, perhaps I need to try some troumpe loi with this dark clay.

    Hi Helen, thanks I hope they fire up the same as they look now.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I just got on their web site I'm going to get some of that clay and check it out, it does look pretty black, can't wait to see and perhaps it will fire to cone 6 because this clay needs cone 4 which is pain in the neck since it can't be fired with the other clays I use.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I may try some more raised up like the pink one. I don't really like watching sports at all, I really went for the bbq and socializing.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, I had fun making them.

    Hi Trish, thanks, I am finally seeing how to use this clay to it's full advantage and I think the contrast is the ticket.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, I thought about making all the same shaped flowers in different colors for a grouping which I will still do. But I wanted to see how the different colors and shapes would look against the black clay for the first few.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, you always have a unique way of seeing things and you have, once again, chosen the word I was searching for, stereoscopic is just what I needed to say.

    Hi Judy, thanks, the black slip just doesn't have that earthy, ever so slight grit look like this clay. I plan on leaving these natural I think. I am going to do some testing with some after firing sealants to see how they look but I like the texture of the clay and don't really want to cover it up. Althought now that you mention slip I don't think I've ever used it and not put a glaze over it, I may do some tests with that too to see what it looks like. thanks again.

  13. I really like the first and third tiles--- the flower ones. Beautiful!
    Yes, Nascar--- a southern thing. Not for me, though. Hope you had fun!

  14. Hi Amy, thanks, I plan to make more flower tiles. I don't really like any sports on TV, but since it was our neighbors, I decided to embrace the day.


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