Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines

As promised, here's the table I painted and the seats Gary helped me recover. An air staple gun makes short work of attaching the seat cover material. Look here to see the before photos. There's still a couple of paint spots I need to touch up. When painting a dark color over a light, it definitely takes more than one coat.

We finally got our house together enough to have a valentine's wine tasting party here Saturday night. If you didn't see my previous post be sure to read below, the strawberries weren't perfect looking, but their taste made up for it. I've always wanted to make them and they were fairly easy to make. But what's old is new again.

I put together a 'Key to Spring Green' Etsy treasury to hopefully encourage Spring to come along quickly. Check it out, seems as though keys are popular motifs nowadays. It's been 27 over night here the last two nights, one of coldest winters in Florida. I'm hoping the weather will warm up, how about you?

My green bowls were also featured in a 'Shades of the Ocean' Etsy treasury, thanks to WandringMinstral. For some names on Etsy you may think they're a misspelling, but may purposely be that way and may not come up in a search unless they're misspelled.

Hope you have a happy, healthy, and love filled Valentines Day.


  1. is there anything you can't do? that set looks beautiful and your choice of fabric is perfect for a florida home.

    as for weather... we have a had a few really nice days in a row here in NC. i think it hovered around 40 degrees last night and it should hit 67 today.

  2. valentine's wine tasting, now there's something i could sink my teeth into. the chairs look good, happy v-day

  3. Hi Michele, thanks, when you're decorating on a budget, necessity is the mother of invention as they say. Your weather is warmer than ours? hey, that's crazy. We have a palm covered due to the frost, but end of week is supposed to warm up.

    Hi Jim, thanks, the tasting was a lot of fun, kind of a potluck neighborhood get together once a month, we finally got our house clean too, Ha. Happy V day to you, and yours too.

  4. I love your table and chairs. Pretty turquoise fabric. I love anything that color. What variety of wines did you serve? I haven't been buying much wine due to our severely restricted cash flow. I'm not suggesting at all that you served cheap wine to your guests..HA HA...but you said Gary knew a lot about wines, and that one could get less expensive ones that tasted good.

  5. Oh- how pretty! I will raise a glass later to you both!

  6. Hi Barbara, thanks, this was a pot luck wine tasting, each person brings a bottle to share, it's a once a month neighborhood get together. We had a variety of reds and whites. I like white and only had a couple of glasses for the evening since I had to be hostess. Gary likes red wine. He had some Dog Tail Red a blended wine in his secret wine cabinet from Murphy's California which was really good. Rex Goliath and Barefoot are a couple of brands (from Walmart I think) which are sometimes good, I think if you look at the label of Barefoot and get the ones from other than the USA they are better or if they say Lodi California they are good. Wines from Chile, Argentina, South Africa and New Zealand are often very excellent but often cost more. Two buck chuck at Trader Joes isn't bad either, but every case is different. One person said she orders wine from Vampire Vineyards through the mail, not sure of their cost, but Gary said it was good.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, we're finally getting our house straightened up and put together, ha, cheers.

  7. Really nice job on the chairs. The color is perfect. Must give you quite a feeling of satisfaction.
    Happy Valentines day you two.

  8. Hi Patti, thanks, the transformation is amazing and the original used price plus the paint and material was right up my alley. Ha! Happy Valentines Day to you, hope it starts to warm up there for you soon.

  9. The chair fabric is great! Lovely set. Good find. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetie!

  10. It sounds like you had a great weekend. I'll bet the party was fun. I love the way the tables and chair now look. They are better than new :-). I hope you have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  11. Hi Teresa, thanks, hope you are doing well. I'm liking the bright colors.

    Hi Mary, thanks, yes better than new, have a good one.


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