Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal

Here's a second moon bowl I made with a small pedestal and a flared rim. I'll have to make these really thick in order to get the deeper crevices I want. Not sure about the rim, oh I just had an idea, maybe it's not too dry to do what I'm thinking. I think I'll try some more rough terrain on a free form piece next time.

Earlier in the day I set out to make another moon bowl but this sort of offering bowl sprang forth instead.

I've been thinking about the state of our country and the world, and most importantly the people within. Sometimes I have a hard time thinking positively in light of what's happening around me. People loosing their jobs, their homes, their health, people's salaries being cut, people scraping to make ends meet, to feed their families, and themselves.

I've been thinking about that and today this sculpture, Hope Springs Eternal, evolved from that. It's perhaps primitive but contains so much of my feelings I can't begin to tell you of those thoughts. There's some realistic and surrealistic symbolism contained within this piece. Seeing the photo, I think I can extrapolate to more defined processes.

Did I know I was going to make this piece when I wrote the post about robins, not at all. That's the thing about me, my words, my art; sometimes things just well up from within. I feel deeply, and I'm hoping our country, and the world, and I, can climb up, up to hope, and, to hoping that hope springs eternal.


  1. Up here it seems we are eternally Hoping for Spring!

  2. Have you read Clavall's Tai Pan? Here's this really rich guy who takes Hong Kong piece by piece during gold rush days. At the end, a horrid typhon is coming. He's trapped, maybe. The last line in the book is, Never give up hope.

    Like the book, your hope is inspirational.

  3. Souls and hope are what separate us from the lesser species. Sometimes it is hard. Good to see you can find a way to display yours.

  4. I like the one with pedestal!!

  5. Hi Dennis, thanks we are hoping the same thing down here, it was 32 last night, cold for florida.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, no I never read that but I do always thing something good just around the corner.

    Hi Patti, thanks, so you are so right.

    Hi Powen, thanks so much, cant' wait to fire these.

  6. A very thoughtful post, Linda, and your symbolic piece is just right. Yes, Hope springs eternal. It is interesting, isn't it, when creativity takes us in a new direction and more is revealed?


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