Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coral Black Hole 2

The landscape for our home here is a sea of green except this time of year when the azalea are blooming; they are vibrant. And look at the center is a black hole of sorts, I just noticed that. You're probably going to get sick of looking at coral black holes, but I want to be able to compare my progress, so I'll post a few of these. It's still in process. I need to get some acrylic medium to make my paint flow better and I want to add other colors.

Adding the complement to a color on the color wheel, in this case teal, will bring out the coral color. The coral looks pretty bright to me, but who am I to question. Since it's a used canvas it can't hurt and I can always paint over it. I am learning and it is really fun. I've been using paint brushes, but I might try using a palette knife or other implements to apply the paint.

I asked my teacher and apparently re-using canvas is done all the time. If you've ever been tempted to paint, I highly recommend it. For a few dollars you could be painting tomorrow. Originally I was going to try three black holes, but I almost have the coral black hole out of my system.

Normally I like lavender and turquoise, but I feel a shift in mood. Now I want to try this same coral color with some textures and layering of some geometric forms, maybe leaves or birds, perhaps buildings. You know we have several rooms in our home painted a coral color; it is such a happy color. It's my new favorite color. I made three pinch pots as planters and forgot to put the holes in the bottom, I better go do that now. Please come back again; comments and advice are welcome.


  1. Definitely like the coral black holes over the real thing. I find that whole concept scary.
    Yours is much more benign looking and coral is my favorite color.
    This one does emphasize the "hole" more.

  2. Hi Patti, thanks, you should have been in my dream, it was scary, nice to put it onto canvas to let go of the scariness.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I started out wanting bright, but the muted took over. Ha.


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