Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lucky & Chaotic

Right before I fell ill last week, Gary and I were going through the treasure bus sorting items to go to a local market to sell. I found this unopened artist's easel. It was way at the back of the bus, hidden from view.

What a stroke of luck. Since I signed up for the painting class, I guess it was meant to be. I've got the easel set up in my studio, but haven't used it yet. It folds up into a compact box with a shoulder strap. I must have gotten this easel at Costco in California quite a few years ago. The bus really is a treasure bus.

I made this bowl a week or so ago. Wonder if textured clay does well with raku? Is there a mark left on the piece when it's grabbed with the tongs out of the heat? I shall do some studying on raku firings.

Today I made this platter, a bit chaotic, as things are lately. Layer, upon layer, upon layer. Plaid, then ferns, then pink butterflies, next little gold dotted grids, then black dots. Not sure I like it, but too late now, I've got to keep moving forward.

I'm going to put the mail art on hold since I don't want to add another item to my plate just now, but I will get back to it. Still thinking of the Japanese people and making plans. Till next time.


  1. I like the chaotic platter. It's a nice amalgamation of disparate elements and images that works beautifully.

    Don't you love it, when you find what you need, you just needed to look? That's a great easel.

  2. raku loves textures! in my experiences the tongs don't leave marks. i have made trays and wall sculptures by impressing sea fans into the clay and they look great in raku.
    i am having easel envy- that's a beauty. i rarely paint but just love looking at the tubes of paint, brushes etc.. when i am at the supply stores.

  3. Finding that easel was a real stroke of luck. A serendipity! I like the platter, but then I like all your work. Anyway, it's very different.

  4. Finding that easel was definitely a sign to be heeded and just in time.
    Wonder if they will have nudes or bowls of fruit for you to paint.
    I too liked the chaotic platter. A sign of the times.

  5. Great easel Linda! re: raku platter firing, if you lift it straight up from the kiln you are less likely to get a crack than if the platter torques a bit when lifting. I got a lot of cracks across my trays until I started doing this.

  6. Hi Linda thatis beautiful texture and would go well in a raku firing (depending on the glaze used of course) You might like to take a look at this blog I help adminstrate for a local community pottery group:
    You will find a series of posts from September 2010 about our group Raku day.

  7. Hi Teresa, thanks, I'll see how the platter fires, yes I was truly amazed when I found the easel, I must have been thinking about painting a few years ago too.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I was thinking about that, maybe the glaze is still liquid enoug for the spot to heal over. There's something romantic looking about an easel, perhaps the idea that it is relaxing to be able to paint.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, you hit it on the nose, very different that's for sure, I can't help myself. Ha.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I hope they're aren't nudes of bowls of fruit, I want to paint modern and textured stuff, Ha. Yeah, a sign of the times.

    HI Tracey, thanks, good advice about lifting straight up, I'll have to remember that. This bowl has a long lip, hope that does't break off. Now I have to get some bisque done and check out the gas feed to the kiln.

    Hi Anna, thanks, that was some type of rolling texture tool I used for the bowl; I will check out the group blog and the posts, thanks for the information.

  8. Hi Barbara, thanks, yes, I have got to get the burner cleaned and fire it up.


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