Sunday, March 27, 2011

Photo on Board

Some time ago I mentioned I was sorting through 40 years of photos and wondering what I could do with all of them. I happened to find a hardwood board at the thrift store the other day. So I decided to mount a print of an original photo I took onto the hardwood board. Oh, I discovered two more boxes of photos. I wish I had a penny for every photo I took, I'd be rich. I guess I'm rich with memories though.

First I painted the wood with a a few colors of acrylic paint to pick up some of the colors in the photo. The plaque is about 8 x 11 inches, so I printed the photo smaller so it would have border around it. Then I mounted the photo on the board and put a clear coating over the top. I'll epoxy a couple of D hooks on the back with wire between them for hanging. I might try ripping the edges of another photo and mounting it on board and see how that looks. I have a few other ideas for my photos too, more about those later.


  1. That is really great looking and you should definitely do more. Great idea for recycling old photos and make them live again.

  2. Hi Patti, thanks, hopefully someone wants them to live in their homes. Ha.

  3. Great idea, and a perfect fit for your cool photo.

  4. nice Linda-great idea and i love the photo!

  5. This is really beautiful, you are so talented.

  6. Greetings From California

    Take care and have a great week :-)

  7. It is quite beautiful, Linda. You did a great job of preserving a terrific photo.

  8. Hi Teresa, thanks, it's one of my favorite photos.

    Hi Meredith, thanks so much.

    Hi Patricia, thank you.

    Hi Lori, thanks for the compliment

    Hi Ron, thanks for stopping by

    Hi Kate, thanks so much.


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