Friday, April 29, 2011

Charging Opossum !

The other day Gary said "Quick get your camera and come in the back yard; there are two opossum fighting". I ran to the back yard and one opossum had already disappeared. But this opossum seemed like he was still in a fighting mood. Looking through the lens of my camera, I realized the charging opossum was coming straight for me! I was a bit worried since I thought opossum are nocturnal. I wondered why this one was out during the day. Thankfully he veered off at the last moment into the woods nearby.

This vase found a new home the other day and an etsy Japan relief teabowl sold. Lots of pieces are in the drying cabinets; I think I counted forty. They're almost ready for the next set of tests for my upcoming series.

In other news one of my readers, Marian from Lake Cowichan, wrote to me about my Lake Cowichan Mystery post to say the mystery animal was probably a mink. Thanks Marian. The picture above I borrowed from Wikipedia to show you what the sneaky little critter looked like when I saw him so many years ago. Wonder what I'll see today; it's never a dull moment in the wilds of Florida or Canada or anywhere you might be. But I'm reminded I'm lucky compared to so many folks who've been devastated by the throes of mother nature's fury recently with earthquakes, storms, tornadoes and more.


  1. Great post. Love the 'possum. And the vase. And the mink!

  2. I love 'possums! We have one that comes up on our deck looking for the cat's food every night, soooo cute!

  3. i would have run from that possum too... congrats on the etsy sale!

  4. I would have run- I have never seen one running and I have seen lots of them living here.
    Nice vase!

  5. Lovely vase, Linda!
    And I love the shot of the opossom. They are nocturnal for the most part but I see them quite often during the day. They are fantastic critters!

  6. What a fun post. A bit of all the things that make your blog so fun to visit. Have a great weekend!

  7. Wow, great shot! Glad he didn't bite you. lol Lovely vase, too! Have a great weekend!

  8. I have only seen one play dead. Do hope he isn't rabid. Take care, they shouldn't be agressive.

  9. Arkansas Patti & I were thinking the same thing. Glad he ran away from you.

  10. You do have interesting visitors!

  11. Hi Ronna, thanks, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, boy you're feeding him cat food, lucky possum.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I was almost ready to run but then he veered off.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, yeah, I was hoping he wasn't rabid or something.

    Hi Becky, thanks, this vase is one that looks better with flowers in it.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, glad you like stopping by and reading, so much to see right out my own back yard.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, I'll be working away at my clay projects which I consider fun.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I think he was just going back the way he came and it happened to be towards me. I once saw one play dead and they look truly dead, they're eyes are glazed over and their mouth agape, weird.

    Hi Lori, thanks, Gary was out there with me, he could have beat him off with a stick I suppose if he attacked me.

    Hi Mary, thanks, yes the visitors I have around here are great, too bad I don't have night camera, I could really add to the number of visitor counts.


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