Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Free Stuff

After Gary's uncle and girlfriend left today I happened to look at craigslist and saw an ad for free used concrete block. Even though some of the block have orange paint on one side, we decided we could put that side to the inside of our raised vegetable bins. So Gary went and got a load lickety split.

Of course the block had mortar we had to chip off. While Gary was unloading, I was chipping away with a hammer and I saw this millipede. I touched him lightly with a leaf and he curled up real quick. Millipede cover quite a distance in a short amount of time; much more than I would have suspected.

We learned our local landfill has free compost, we'll get a load tomorrow. It pays to stay alert, there's lots of free stuff out there. Have a good one; comments are welcome.


  1. Oooooh, it's gonna be a super sweet garden with lots of yummy goodies. Can taste those tomatoes now.

    You're clever to get that compost. That stuff can be expensive! Happy Green Thumb!

  2. Many counties have free compost, it's the remains of the leaves they pick up and from cutting tree branches from power lines. It's great stuff, your garden will be very happy.
    Smart to get free stuff from cl too.

  3. I love free stuff...and cement blocks are perfect! We have a few things (not for free) on there right now and am hoping someone will want them soon! :)

  4. Hi Kittie, thanks, yes, getting stuff for free adds to the happyness of it all.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I called the local master gardeners and the didn't even know about the free mulch. It does help to have that green stuff turned into compost, the plants like the micronutrients and microbes.

    Hi Tammy, thanks, I have found if you repost every two days and are persistent, then thing do sell, just keep at it.


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