Thursday, April 28, 2011

Green Darner

Grabbed my camera and caught this beautiful green darner or dragonfly settled on a loquat leaf in the front yard. Wonder if we'll get any fruit from this tree? Hum, look at that leaf pattern; I'm sure I can use that on clay.

Here's a couple of floral tiles I made. The design is too undefined and the upper right hand corner is curling up, darn.

I like the bold colors and shapes of this tile better. Both tiles are about six inches square.

I tried to repeat the canvas acrylic painting I did on tile, but it cracked right in the middle. I dried it on a board instead of wallboard. I do like the built in textured border on the tile.

For the large tiles I fired the other day, the cracker house and the beach forest, I'll need to use a paint that sticks to glaze for the one with glaze. The other one which I left plain will work with cold surface treatment of acrylic paint.

Our neighbors brought us a ton of vegetables and I cooked up a spicy soup. I had a photo somewhere, but it's disappeared, You'll have to use your imagination for the spicy vegetable soup I made in the crock pot with leaks, greens, squash, yellow string beans, tomatoes and lots of other spices and a generous bit of red pepper. More from the studio coming real soon, so stayed tuned. We saw a resident mammal in our backyard, care to guess what kind? He's coming up next time too.


  1. I'm guessing armadillo.
    I am always impressed how you see art in all forms of nature. Wish I had your eye.

  2. Hi Linda!!

    I saw your comment so I guess it's working again ~ yay..

    I would love to have you on Bright Bold and Beautiful ~ I hope you take advantage of the advertising promotion.

    xoxo Laura

  3. look at those veggies! What a great neighbor.
    Tiles look great.

  4. I especially like the second floral tile from the top. Very nice design! And your soup sounds fantastic!

  5. that second tile is a beauty- love those bold colors. the soup sounds yummy... i am a soup lover but it's been too muggy here to enjoy it (and i am trying to hold off on using AC!)

  6. You've been very busy. Your tiles look wonderful despite the curling you spoke of. That soup sounds wonderful. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Love the flower tiles!! There is a happiness to the brush strokes :o)

  8. Your flower tiles are just beautiful! And what a gorgeous photograph of a dragonfly!

  9. Hi Patti, thanks, stay tuned, close but no banana.

    Hi Laura, welcome and thanks, yeah, somestimes these messages are quirky, perhaps for me series coming up.

    Hi Kate, thanks so much, the soups I make in the crock pot are so easy and they taste so good.

    Hi Michele, thanks, supposedly eating warm soup cools you off because you perspire more - that's the theory I've heard anyway. We haven't used the AC yet. We open all the windows and use fans at night and close it all up during the day, so far only got up to 82 inside which is about the cut off point for ac.

    Hi Mary, thanks ever so much, these tiles aren't as easy to make as they seem with the cracking and curling. Oh well never a dull day.

    Hi Cindy, thanks very much, yeah flowers are such happy things in nature.

    Hi Julia, thanks a lot, the dragonfly looked much better in person he was quite irriscendent.


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