Sunday, April 17, 2011

Struting His Stuff

Less than a mile from our home I found a small truck farm selling fresh vegetables, fruits, and eggs. They don't use any pesticides and everything is picked fresh when we arrive. Since the local CSA is 10 miles from our home, we're going to this local farm for produce now to save on fuel costs.

The woman lost her job at a title company two years ago, and her husband lost his job a year ago at a local plumbing company. Her husband works for himself as a plumber now and she sells a few plants and produce in season.

We had a great time visiting and talking about growing plants. Off in the distance I heard a turkey gobbling. Then I noticed she raised turkeys, chickens and miniature horses and asked if I could take a few photos. The turkey was strutting his stuff for me and had no fear. I was able to get some nice shots of him in all his glory. If you look at the turkey closely you can see me reflected in his eye. The turkey colors and texture of his skin are an inspiration for my pottery.

That's muscadine and table grapes on the trellis. You might notice my photos have a water mark on them now. I hate to do that, but I learned a few folks are copying my photos and printing them on their home computer to use. And here I've been trying to sell a few photos to pay our bills. Some time ago a person emailed me to ask to use a photo of mine on their wedding invitation and I said ok. Please ask to use my photos or check out my photos for sale, they're reasonably priced.

We came home with some leaf lettuce, spinach, and a hot pepper plant. I made a crawfish salad with the greens. I told Gary I had to take a photo first. He said, "Of course", rolling his eyes. I made three salads for the photo and we split the third one, it was so good. I'm loading another glaze load. Thank goodness I didn't fire yesterday, we heard a loud bang and then our electricity went out. Apparently a squirred sacraficed his life on the transformer. Stay tuned for the winners of my photo giveway.


  1. i would gladly be without electricity for a few hours if the squirrels around here would sacrifice their lives on the transformers! now that we have eradicated them from the ceiling of the studio, they are trying to get into the attic of the house. they make me crazy!
    ... salads look yummy, especially on those beautiful plates.

  2. Very funny about the "eye roll" from Gary. I get the same thing when I say, "Don't touch anything till I get the camera..."
    I love the pix of the turkey. Very cool colours.

  3. You just have the best stories! I so enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

  4. I was reading a photo blog yesterday where she had her first initial and last name across all her photos for the very same reason as you. What a shame that people feel they can just use others images without asking now a days. I love the turkey shots, having grown up on a small farm they brought back memories, although I was not fond of those turkeys at butchering time.

  5. You were right, I love the turkey photo, but also loved the post. There seem to be a lot of people getting back to where we all came from, working hard and trying to raise/sell what they can in these hard times.

    Oh, and those salads, and the PLATES (more importantly) are lovely.

  6. I know how you feel about the photos. And also, did you know that Google takes the photos on our blogs and places them in Google Images, for anyone to help themselves. It seems that a watermark is a necessary thing, these days. That crawfish salad looks great!

  7. Hi Michele, thanks, someone was telling us the squirrels are real pests, eating wiring in cars and such, Gary is afraid they'll get in the bus.

    Hi Ronna, thanks, I'll bet you do, but the photos are worth it to us bloggers to see.

    Hi Annie, thanks, I guess I should have been putting my name across them all this time, oh well.

    Hu Julia, thanks, isn't it cool we think of our blogger friends in our daily lives, makes us all part of the big world community.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, yes somehow I knew that but it does like back to the original post, so folks could ask to use the phots then. I guess for pottery it would be ok but for the others? but if they have the watermark then they'll have to edit it out to use them which will be harder.

  8. Hi Amy, thanks, yeah there's lots of neat people right around the corner everywhere.


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