Monday, April 11, 2011

What's That Smell

One of our neighbors actually came over here to see if we knew what the putrid smell was. We told them it was the compost we got at the landfill. They were mortified thinking it was human or pig "sh.t". Gary tried to explain it was just wood debris that's been chopped up and composted, but they would have none of it.

I admit it was rather "fresh" smelling last night, but tonight it's loosing some of it's vigor. I'm not sure why it has the odor; when we were shoveling it out of the pickup bed I could see it wasn't "hot", but well aged. Gary said it smells like all dumps smell. It's really nice compost and our plants are already much happier. We got 2.5 yards in the back of Gary's pickup and it was free. He spread it all around the existing plants, in the flower beds, and around the trees. Gary is going back for another load on Tuesday.

Our neighbors don't know how lucky they are. One place we lived, we got 20 yards of turkey compost and that WAS "hot". It had a fragrance for weeks afterwards which could be detected over a mile away. I am not sure why folks think pigs have a bad odor. Of course, I've never lived near a pig farm, but my grandmother raised pigs and I don't recall an odor. But she did only have a few. When I start harvesting my big juicy ripe tomatoes, do you think the neighbors will turn them down? The tomatoes and peppers and flowers pictured are from my last garden in California.

In other news, my Mi-FI has no signal so I am on the other computer. I just finished a bisque, got everything glazed and am glaze firing tomorrow. Stay tuned to see what I won from another blog, info on a couple of cracked tiles, and another GIVEAWAY right here later in the week. Comments are welcome.


  1. the farmer next door spread manure on his vegetable garden on Friday, his garden abuts the side yard here. it was rather fragrant for a couple of days but we don't mind because we remember those nice tomatoes he brought over to us last summer.
    your flowers are so pretty... you two have a beautiful yard and home, so glad i got to see it in person!

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  3. Hi Michele, thanks, I wish I had more flowers here, but I don't want to over do it, a few vegetables will be good with the price of food nowadays, that's for sure. Glad you know about compost, Gary tried explaining it to him, but he just couldn't convince him.

  4. Bet your plants are doing a 'happy dance' with all that good compost!
    I can't wait for a homegrown tomato. Although the tomatoes I've been getting from the local farmer's market are surprisingly good for this early in the season. I think they're coming out of Florida.

  5. Well, I hope those neighbors get on board the composting train. What a score for your plants! Those flowers among the rocks are beautiful.

  6. Even bagged bark mulch smells.I agree, there's nothing like a turkey farm.

  7. Hope the smell is waning, so the neighbors will be happy. I use Miracle Grow mulch and it is excellent and has no smell. Those tomatoes are gorgeous, and the white flowers,too.

  8. I like that smell around here it is the smell of money.
    And if you want no smells go live on an Island....on yea- fish smell.
    It's every where- but look at that BEAUTIFUL dirt!

  9. Somehow I think your neighbor isn't a real Floridian. I personally think he was quite rude. But I bet he'll return when your tomatoes are plump and juicy.

    Love your flowers!

  10. Some Florida farmers use chicken manure and boy does that smell.
    I am sure some fresh veggies will calm the natives.

  11. Hi Judy, thanks, I think the plants perked up right away. This sandy soil here doesn't have much for them so every bit helps.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, it is amazing how that smell penetrates, oh well, we are about the only ones in this neighborhood who work in the yard.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, yeah, what's a little smell when you know what the results will be.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, well the price was right especially for how much we got.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, he isn't a Floridian, but he is also the one who gave me the "May the Peace of the Sea Be With You" sign, he just sounds gruff sometimes, but I can never tell if he is kidding or means it.

    Hi Patti, thanks, yeah the fresh veges will calm the non-natives. Ha.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I wish the smell was full of money. Ha.

  12. Nothing like a truck load of "black gold" to liven up the neighborhood! They will appreciate it later when you gardens are filled with luscious color!

  13. Hi Kathy, thanks, yeah if they didn't have us in the neighborhood what would they have to complain about, Ha.


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