Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Speak Up For Trees

Sometimes I don't know what I'll make, I just start making. I ended up making this large bowl about 12 inches in diameter and filling it full of small flowers. At first I thought it was kind of silly putting all those little flowers inside a bowl. Now I'm starting to like it.

Sometimes if I set pieces aside and think about them for a while, they grow on me. As I'm looking at the photo of the bowl my imagination envisions so many things. I could see the background of the large bowl being black and making each small flower a different color, or maybe all the flower white, or perhaps glazing the small flowers with luster. I have so many choices.

When I have left over clay, I grab enough together which fits in the palm of my hand. Then I squish it between my hand over and over again. Next I roll it up in the palm of my hand to about the size of a tennis ball. If it's too dry I put a dab of water in the palm of my hand to moisten it a bit and squish it and roll it up some more. Then I roll it out or pinch it up and re-use it. If I see a bubble in the clay, an air bubble, I poke it with a needle tool and I moisten it and smooth it over. Air bubbles aren't good in the kiln. Today I made these flowers with leftover clay.

In other news, the new neighbors on the street behind us are cutting down tree after tree and I just cringe every time I hear the chain saw and then feel the loud thump on the ground. Yeah, they are so big I can feel the ground shake. Perfectly good, healthy trees. Some of the pines could have been used for lumber, but no, they were cut up as firewood by the tree cutters they hired. Sometimes I don't know about other people. I've had to hold myself back from going over there and giving them a piece of my mind. They even cut an oak tree on the neighboring unbuilt lot; I guess it hung over their new chain link fence. Tonight is the homeowners association meeting. I hope I get the opportunity to speak up for trees.

Lately I've had a lot more energy so I'm taking advantage of it. I'm going back to the studio for more work. Thanks for stopping by, your visits truly keep me motivated to keep writing my blog and talking about my pottery pursuits. Stay tuned for another flower cart and some flutterbys.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that the trees including an oak tree were cut down. Though I understand that they have the right to cut them down on their lot, I think it was very painful for the healthy trees. Last year, Park Division came and lopped off many branches of the cherry trees in the park nearby. What made some neighbors get angry was the way of cutting the branches. It was very rough. Unfortunately, there are some people, even some staff members in the Park Division. who lack the respect for trees that are fundamental to our life on Earth.

  2. Hey Linda, thanks for your comments on the blog. I hate to cut trees too but maybe there is a reason. As far as lumber, most sawyers don't like to saw yard trees. They find too much hardware from clothes line hooks, tree houses, and yard sale signs.Saw blades are expensive.

  3. We had to clear some trees on our property for fire mitigation as they were too close to the cabin. Also trees that have insect issues need to be taken down for safety reasons, or for powerline clearance etc. Hopefully there is a good reason for your neighbor's decision... especially since 2011 is the International Year of the Forest: Celebrating Forests for the People. http://www.un.org/en/events/iyof2011/

  4. You just never know what is going on in the lives of others- we had to cut our timber and it was the hardest thing I ever did.
    But it had to be done.
    Love the flowers!

  5. Your flower work is so interesting - all those beautiful textures!

    The person who owned our property before we did took out an entire orchard and all but a few trees because they wanted a more "contemporary" look (whatever that means!). It has cost us so much money trying to restore even a few.

  6. Hi Sapphire, thanks, I just hate to see trees cut down, it's like a slap in my face with each one.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, I had heard that about milling the lumber, coincidentally today they were picking up the lengths of pine and putting them in a logging truck.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, I know trees have to be cut down in the name of progress that still doesn't lesson my pain at each one.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I have no idea about the new neighbors circumstance, and I know about your trees and in that light I'm sorry I even brought this up, if I had a few marketable trees here I'd log them myself since Gary hasn't gotten a job and we've had to cancel our health insurance and car and house insurance are next. It's a hard road to tow nowadays for sure.

    Hi Julia, thanks so much, I am hoping I can make something fruitful out of all these flowers. I know what you mean about trying to restore an abused property, if only folks knew how long it takes for things to grow to their full potential.

  7. I always find it interesting how your creative mind works.
    As for the trees, WHY?? I would have to know.

  8. Hi Patti, thanks, I can't bring myself to go over there. I hope I can forget about it all soon.


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