Monday, June 27, 2011


A flower brick came to mind and I set out to make one, but then you know how it goes. The clay took over. As I made the piece I started to think about modern, perhaps a piece with a retro influence. Gary said it looks Aztec. No, that's not what I want, not what I intended. What do you think?

The handles and feet are chunky, a little over half an inch thick, to give it a bulky look. Chunky feet so they can hold up the box, with handles to complement the feet. The pot is 7 inches tall and 8.25 inches wide and 4 inches deep, including the feet and handles. The box was a rectangle till I added the handles and feet. If it was taller it would have a different look, I might have to try that. I thought about putting some applied deco on the front but then I thought more might be too much. I have no idea how I'll glaze this.

I'm starting to see the benefit of making more than one. I could make one with a half moon handles and feet and then one with triangle handles and feet, cut out similar to this one. Maybe tomorrow. Those jutting vases are starting to call me back again too.

Sorry about the out of focus photos, but I used natural light in my studio. Oh, I almost forgot the title of the post, between. Somehow I always waver between curvy pots and the clean hard lines, a double path in clay. I really can't give either one up, nor do I want to. In my dream this morning I was on a boat which was going around and around I kept turning off the engine, then I realized I was in the middle of a water spout, and thankfully I woke up. Thanks for reading and for your comments.


  1. Hi Linda..'between'..I like the name. yes, to me it looks a little Aztec, but I think only because of the handles.. It is interesting, as you say that we start out with something in mind and the clay takes over. :)..I agree. I like the fruit in your last post.
    Have a great day.
    Cheers, T.

  2. Hi Trish, thanks, yes, sometimes the clay just has a mind of it's own, thanks about the fruit.

  3. i agree... Aztec!
    when i make multiples i create a bunch of the basic shape then finish them one after the other. this way i can tweak them along the way and compare on to the other as i work. it takes discipline (of which i often lack!) to not move on to something else.

  4. I like it Linda! Has almost an art deco and southwest feel to it -fun combination! The natural light is warm and had me probably thinking southwest colors -like adobe. I LOVED the apple/pear you made too! I could see that in one of your woven baskets... :o)

  5. I am glad you woke up! This could have a lot of possibilities. I could see making more.

  6. It's such a blank slate right now. However you glaze it will pull it in the direction you desire but I'd recommend making multiples so you can play even more.

  7. I'm in Gary's camp on this one.

  8. heyI like the way it looks upside down too with the handles low. I like the earthenware clay-buff-up leather look finish that the greeks did in the old days,terrasig freak though me.

  9. Hi Michele, thanks, the problem is when I handbuild by the time I finish one, I need to rest, Ha. one of these days I'll find a good form and use a mold or something.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, art deco, that's what I was looking for, just didn't quite get it there. I set the baskets aside for now, spreading myself too thin.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, yeah I always think of making more, perhaps this time I will. I was pleansantly surprised when I saw Mark's new handles after I posted this one.

    Hi Lori, thanks, well I did make a cardboard template, but need to square it up a bit, so I can make more.

    Hi Patti, thanks, yeah Gary is usually right. Ha.

    Hi Pru, thanks, I always seem to try to make things classical, placing the handles in the expected position; maybe I need to make them a little less so, as you noticed the handles might look good placed in an unexpected position, down low. I'll give this concept some thought. thanks.


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