Friday, June 3, 2011

Florida Clay Slip Result

Here's what the fired Florida clay slip test bowl looks like. The fired slip color is almost the color of rusty metal, so I'm planning on combining some slip decorated flower with rusty metal. Using a clear satin glaze over the top with white stoneware gives the bowl a soft, almost vintage look, which I like.

I decided to use more of the Florida clay slip on a larger bowl. This bowl is about 3 x 10 inches and I'm drying it slowly.

This flower tile was inspired by the passion flower two posts ago. The background clay is a tan speckled stoneware but looks much darker since it's wet. White clay might have been a better choice I'll have to make another one.

This red clay bowl is about 4 x 9 inches. I decided to texture the bottom of the bowl to see how I like that. Meanwhile yard sales are exhausting especially since it's hot as hades outside but we did have a great turnout. Half a day tomorrow and that's it.


  1. Really liked that second one.
    Too bad you can't schedule your yard sale for early morning and late evening to beat the heat.
    We have been in the high 90's here with indexes in the hundreds.
    Any outside work after 9 AM leaves me dripping with sweat.
    And here I left Florida for the cool?? Ozark mountains. Duh.

  2. Hi Patti, thanks, I hope it turns out as good as the test bowls. Everyone here is saying the hurricain season will be a bad one, I hope they are wrong, it is really scorching here and no rain, everything is wilting except the sweat, Ha.

  3. The slip looks good. I found that some really sticky clay that is beside a lagoon near here makes an interesting glaze or a slip. A really thin layer of it brushed onto a pot prior to glazing it with a simple white dolomite matt glaze gave the electric fired pot a look of something that had been fired in a reduction kiln. Probably the only way to cope with all that heat is to take a two hour sleep in the afternoon and work early in the morning when it is cool. I don't envy you all that heat, although it is rather too cold here some days now it being for us almost winter.

  4. Hi Peter, thanks, I might try that with this slip, brush all over and then glaze with a matt glaze, thanks for the tip. We have been taking a rest in the afternoon, it has been blistering here. We're getting up early and doing outside chores and then coming in, we need rain I hope we get some soon. The heat has just come sooner than normal this year. Stay warm.

  5. By any chance did you go on to make more passion flowers in different varieties? I own two sculpted passion flowers which are very similar to this and I'm trying to find out who made them,

  6. Hi Borolin, thanks, I made quite a few more flowers and all were sold in florida about two years ago, they are probably not signed on the reverse unless there is a small diagramed star on them


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