Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hole In His Head

A pinch pot turned itself into this sculpture I'm calling stone man. The head was thick and I didn't want to hollow it out so I poked a hole in his head. He could be used as an incense holder or a pen holder. He's about four inches tall.

He has his mouth open and is about to say something; I'm not sure what, but it will come to me eventually. Gary said he looks like he came from Easter Island, so I had to read all about the culture and history of the island. When I read about the Moai, I saw what Gary meant. I'd love to visit Easter Island, some day hopefully. Thanks for reading and for your comments.


  1. A hole in his head, I love it, and the fact that he's about to say something, but you're not sure what, is perfect!

  2. Hi Teresa, thanks, maybe he's saying I need this like I need a hole in the head. Ha.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I remeasured him and he's only three inches high and the hole is only big enough for the diameter of a pencil, but a dried bud could go in there.

  3. Great sculpture, strong image! Take a look at my blog, there is a stamp for you. I hope you like it. Hugs, Acácia.

  4. Very cool and original! Pick me up when you go to Easter Island! :)

  5. Hi Acacia, thanks, I'll stop by.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, lets sail away there, they have no hurricaines or cyclones and perfect weather and rainfall. Ha.


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