Thursday, June 9, 2011

Old Is New Again

Here's a few of the pieces, from my high fire reduction days, which found new homes this week. Sorry about the photos, they were taken back then too. The lantern is porcelain with a pale blue celadon glaze, cobalt decoration, and unglazed black mountain top and pedestal.

This triple stoneware serving dish has an ohata kaki glaze. I really should make some more of this form, it's a space saver on a table, narrow and able to hold three different food items. I pointed out an artifact in the glaze, but a woman who just moved here from Germany, still wanted this piece.

I almost lost this teadust vase to a kiln shelf. The overlapped blue glaze ran in the front more than I planned and stuck to the kiln shelf. I learned from another potter to use a torch to heat the stuck glaze portion to red hot and then pop it off the shelf. A little sanding and it was just fine.

This leaf platter is one of the first sprig pieces I ever made, before I knew what a sprig was. Hence the overlapped leaves were thick and very large. Everyone kept telling me large, thick sprigs would pop off, but they didn't. Sometimes disregarding advice can lead to discoveries of what's possible with clay.

I'm a little sad to see these and the others go, but I had to make room for recent work. I wish I had taken better photos. Oh well, at least what was old is new again, in a new home. Thanks for reading and for your encouragement.


  1. gone is good- leaves more room for making!

  2. Hi Linda- I have never heard the blow torch trick~ thanks for sharing it!! It's fun to send pots of to new homes :)

  3. Don't you just love it when your pots find a new home where they will be appreciated.

  4. I guess it is hard to part with your pieces but what you earn lets you make more. You could always ask for visiting privileges:)

  5. BTW Congrats on making the 50 Best Blogs list:

  6. I like the effect of the blue glaze in the vase. After all it was not so bad that it ran more than expected.

    ...and thank you for the trick of using a torch to save pieces that have stuck to the shelf.

  7. more dough to make more pots!! last summer i unpacked a box of pots that had been packed away for 3 years... jeff said "price them and put them in the gallery". my thought was they were old and i had moved on from making that type of work... of course they sold within the week!

  8. Hi Meredith, thanks, my sentiments exactly.

    Hi Kathy, thanks, it doesn't always work, but if it does it sure is worth it. Make sure it's glowing red before you try to tap it loose.

    Hi Anna, thanks, yes I was glad these got homes they'd be appreciated in for sure.

    Hi Patti, thanks, no, no need to visit, I only miss them if I see their photo, out of sight, out of mind.

    Hi Anna, thanks, yes I saw that 50 cool blogs a while ago and I've got their link at the bottom of my blog.

    Hi Laura, thanks, I mixed some strange combos back then, but glad you like it and I was doubly glad to learn that trick. If it hadn't of run that potter never would have thought to tell me about that trick. It has helped several times since then.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yes it's cool isn't it; I finally decided to let these go as I am running out of room, now I can make more yeah!


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