Friday, July 29, 2011

Another One

Amidst the rush getting ready for the library exhibit first of August, I had to make one more piece with leaves. This time the leaves are actually attached and green clay. I like contrasting the curves of the leaves with geometric shapes. More colors and shapes coming soon. I'm going to go back and forth next with curves behind and geometric shapes in front, and vise versa.

Here's two kids really enjoying the swimming beach in the gulf near our home one hot day. Hope you're finding a way to keep cool this summer. Thanks so much for all your comments.


  1. I love this piece. It looks like leaves that have fallen randomly but it also makes me think of footsteps on a path. The colors work so well for making a tranquil feel also.

  2. the only cool place here is inside with the A/C on!

  3. I am afraid I am with Michele. We are pretty much house bound here.

  4. Hi Linda...thanks for the post.. I love what you are doing with the 'grid' work..the tiles..mostly because I love the carving and the leaves.. and I agree with you on the last post..I hate to see the huge plots of land being cleared for the wally world types..We have so much perfect crop land being swallowed by city sprawl here in Alberta. Keep up the great imaginative work!.. cheers. T.

  5. Hi Lori, thanks, I'm glad the leaves look like they have fallen randomly as that's what I wanted. I am kind of smitten with these coleus leave right now. I want to make the same style slip painted leaves in different colors too, ones not expected as leaf colors.

    Hi Michele, thanks, you got that right, it is blistering outside.

    Hi Patti, thanks, yes early am or late evening is the only time to go out.

    Hi Trish, thanks, I'm trying to stick with a theme for some consistency, hopefully nothing else will strike my fancy in the mean time. In California they took some of the prime crop land with the best growing soil in probably the word and put housing subdivision after subdivision, a real crime. Now we get our food in this country from other countries without any pesticide regulations, go figure.


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