Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crimson Sunset

Just a small detour and then I'm back to using geometry as inspiration. You might wonder why I post so many of the pieces I make. It's a good way for me to look at them objectively, well semi objectively. In a photograph clay pieces look much different than they do in person. Certain flaws become readily evident. It might look out of square on the upper right? It was square when I cut it out, hum. Later when they are fired I can refer back to these photos to see what they looked like before firing. Who doesn't like a sunset, so I was inspired to make this crimson sunset in clay; it's about eleven inches square.

Gary and I went to a local flea market to see how the foot traffic was for selling. We're trying to reduce our collections. This time of year it's not very good since there aren't many people and it's really hot under the metal roofs. We decided we'd stick to selling at yards sales in our own front yard. On the way home we saw this egret perched on a fence by the road. We stopped and took his photo and he didn't even move. This white egret is a reminder to say white rabbit on Monday, August first, for good luck for the whole month. Hope you're having a good weekend. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hi Linda
    Like you I find publishing photos of my work helpful in appraising them. I look forward to see the fired results of your latest ones. Those egrets do get around - we have them in Oz too.

  2. Liking that tile.If the out of square bit bothers you, put it in a frame to hide the edge. No problem.

  3. Thanks for the rabbit reminder. Maybe this time I will get it right.

  4. Beautiful tile, love the colors. Out of square a bit? It's HANDmade, not machine made! When I pick out bowls at the "bowl project" I always go for the ones that have a bit of a quirk.

    The past 3 mornings while I was barely awake, I heard hubby say white rabbit... He said he was practicing for tomorrow.

  5. The red and green have that vibration that comes from complements--very cool. I'd never heard the "rabbit" luck thing before.

  6. Hi Anna, thanks, yes the egrets it seems are everywhere, so regal to gaze upon.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, no problem, I just find it interesting my only seems certain things in photos and not in person. Of course I am working with it lying flat and perhaps I need to stand up and look down as I work.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I hope you remember, it is quite a challenge isn't it.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, yes hand made, ha, thanks for the reminder. How cool your husband is practicing to remember, I hope you both remember.

    Hi Margaret, thanks, its one of those country ditties which originated in England, I believe, but it is harmless and actually people say the power of the positive works, so I guess this would be an example of that, plus I think it might help people improve their memories too, which I for one could use now and again.

  7. Gorgeous tile and such lovely colors! I'll try the "white rabbit" thing and let you know if it works. :)

  8. Hi Marguerite, thanks, I hope you remember and that it works, for me too. Ha.

  9. Hi Meredith, thanks, I forgot, but Gary remembered, hope that helps. I did see a brown rabbit in the yard yesterday, maybe that will help too. Ha.


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