Saturday, July 30, 2011

Intersecting Lines

Here are some intersecting lines on four tiles; when it dries a bit more I'll clean up the edges. I mixed up a few more colors for this one. My stains dry out stored in the baby food jars. I'm looking for different small jars. Caper jars work well, but it will take me forever to get enough of those. I may have to search the net for some small glass jars with good screw top lids.

The fern wall sculpture got too dry before I could add the lines for the lattice so it will have to stay as it is. Maybe I'll paint in the slip lines.

I didn't think it could get any hotter, but it did, and more humid anyway. We haven't gotten as much rain this year and are having to water more. Just trying to stay cool; that's a beach in Baja Mexico where we camped when we were down there a few years ago. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.
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  1. Your work from Meagan's workshop is really wonderful! And I think it's hotter in GA than Florida this year. Yuck - looking forward to cooler temps soon!

  2. I like your stained glass look with the intersecting lines.

  3. you sure on on a good path with your tiles.
    And it is too darn hot!

  4. Hi Judy, thanks, it's funny how a workshop can direct a person onto another path. My shaped piece was different than Meagan's and the others in the class, a more rectangle shape rather than curved, more structured I guess, and I liked that shape and decided to see where it took me, now I can think of all kinds of possibilities from that one tangent.

    We're supposed to be 95 today and supposed to feel like 110. Ugh for sure.

    Hi Anna, thanks, I never thought of it as a stained glass look, but now that you mention it, it does look like that, somewhere something must have influenced me.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I'm going to try and stick with this theme for a while instead of jumping all over the place and see where it goes. Yep, too darn hot for sure.

  5. I really like the fern wall sculpture as is.
    I am always surprised that while Florida is hot, it is often the coolest part of the US if you eliminate the Pacific Northwest. Think it may become a summer destination for the Ozarks are brutal these days.
    With so many hundreds, mid to high nineties are now considered a comfortable day.
    Stay cool.

  6. I just did a quick catch-up on your blog. Great artwork, using nature. And, that was interesting about the rural population shrinking. I'm with you on both the cheering and cringing. Maybe, it will eventually balance out. When I'm in the wide, open spaces, I think, all those people packed into the cities would love to spread their wings out here.

  7. Hi Patti, thanks, I am wondering what your humidity is up there? We are at 95 percent humidity and it is brutal. I don't remember it being that hot in Arkansas, but I lived near Hot Springs, maybe it was cooler there.

    Hi Mary, thanks, I think the populations will balance out, but not for a long time, the trend is to move to the cities for jobs and convenience, perhaps more opportunities for me to move way out, ha.


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