Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wall Sculpture Development

Working on wall sculptures this week. I'm starting out simple and will be testing shapes and hanging mechanisms. Also thinking about the mixed media portion, such as glass, metal, etc. Next I'll embellish, change, adapt these. A discussion about how customers look at pots and what potters can do about it on Carter's blog made me think about sprig additions for these first two.

What about you? Do you like a painted pot, a certain color pot, a modern or traditional shape or style? Do you like bright colors, subdued colors? Do you like textured pots? What type of pottery are you drawn to? Have you thought about it, or do you feel you just know what you like when you see it?

The last piece I intend to glaze in two different colors. Hope you are having a good week; we finally got some much needed rain and more due today and tomorrow. I'll have to remember to go out and look for more mushrooms. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.
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  1. i am definitely drawn to wood fired pots, soda & salt... I like loosely thrown pots with soft edges that have movement. not to say that i don't own other pots that i love and just had to have!

  2. Hi Michele, thanks, I'm finding myself thinking about this too, what I like in other's people's pots isn't necessarily what I like in my work or what I like to make, much to think about.

  3. I like all kinds of pots from subtle to colorful, but confess I'm drawn most to imagery as pedestrian as that may be :)

    One thing I really like about your blog Linda is your willingness to jump in and try whatever you think of that has caught your interest. It feels really joyful.

  4. I never know what will garb me i like a wide variety of work.
    Right now I am digging the wall action you have going on and want to see where you will take it.

  5. garb....what the ....GRAB me! Ha!

  6. Hi Barbara, thanks, I sometimes wish I could stick with one thing though. Ha.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I never know what will grab me, and I never know what kind of garb I'll wear. Ha. And sometimes I never know what kind of garb - age will come out of my mouth. double ha ha.


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