Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guppy's at Indian Rocks Beach

Sometimes I think I might be an embarrassment to Gary, maybe to others too. I'm like a child in an adult world and I'm sixty one years old. I'll never grow up.

What with my taking photos of food in restaurants; oohing and ahhing at art; or being mesmerized by saltwater aquariums, it's no wonder. But look at this scarlet cleaner shrimp; you can see right through his body.

I can't tell you the joy I felt just looking into this underwater community today. It's no wonder folks think fish tanks are relaxing. I could have spent a whole day observing the life within that tank. Don't you just love the blue striped legs of this Electric Blue Hermit Crab?

But look at what I saw, what I experienced, what I can share with you. Isn't it all worth it? You be the judge; please tell me you love to read and hear about what I see in my daily travels. This large yellow butterfly fish swam quickly away whenever I tried to take his photo, so you can't get the full effect of his vibrant color.

I can't even begin to tell you how good the meal was we had at Guppy's Bar and Grill at Indian Rocks Beach. Indian Rocks Beach is a town and a beach west of Tampa Florida where we were today, and Guppy's Restaurant is right across the street from the beach. First I just have to finish telling you about the saltwater aquarium.

I'm standing on one side of the fish tank looking through to the lobby. The perspective makes the fish look almost as large as the woman's head, but he was only about two inches square. It was a microcosm of the ocean; now I know I have to go to an aquarium very, very soon. I've never been diving or snorkeling and probably never will, so an aquarium will have to do for me. I was mesmerized by this relatively small tropical fish tank and all it had to offer any passerby. Most seemed to ignore it; but not me. And there were live coral, clams, snails and other creatures I must have missed.

I'm sure I made a spectacle of myself looking inside the tank and taking photos. But it was after the noon rush and no one was seated nearby so I had the tank all to myself. Can you see the small yellow dot with the eye looking out? That was a long thin yellow fish and he would dart inside that crevice whenever I tried to take his photo. He was scared. He was in a tank, but he was wild and afraid of a perceived predator, like me with my camera.

Sometimes I feel just like that long thin yellow fish. I feel frightened or insecure, around my own kind, so I clam up (no pun intended). Or maybe just the opposite I talk too much. Here on the blog I'm safe at a distance and can say what I think and feel. If I say the wrong thing I can edit it out before anyone hears it. I'm safe in my own little cave. Wonder if I'll edit this paragraph out?

Here's Gary looking bleary eyed. He didn't have anything to drink but water; must have been dazed by my camera flash.

Gary said this was the best restaurant we've eaten at so far in Florida; they must have a good cook. I said no, they have a good chef at this restaurant, that's the difference. He ate every drop of the bread because I'm gluten free.

If you never have another thing to eat in your life, you better have the lobster bisque at Guppy's topped with creme fraiche and pieces of lobster meat. Come back tomorrow for Chef Scott's recipe for the lobster bisque, in case you can't make it to Florida.

Gary's entree was shrimp with wild mushroom ravioli in a cream sauce. He cleaned his plate.

My entree was shrimp with sun dried tomatoes, olives, feta atop a fried green tomato in a savory sauce. Gary ate the fried green tomato. Darn I miss out on the best stuff having to be gluten free; not really I didn't even miss it. Anyway go to Guppy's and the beach, you won't be disappointed.

Lots of folks were enjoying the beach for summer vacations. Nice clean restrooms and outdoor shower to wash off the salt water and sand. Wear sun block; Gary read a person can get a sunburn in just eleven minutes with the Florida UV index. Bet you already know some sea creatures will be showing up in my clay work very soon. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.
© Linda Starr


  1. Nothing at all wrong with having joy for life. I make a spectacle of myself constantly, my family just steps away if I'm doing it in public! Gary probably feels lucky to see the world through your eyes. My mouth is watering from the meal photos, YUM!

  2. Love this post. I feel like blogging is my own little cave, too. I can rewrite, think twice before I post and still feel fairly safe.

    The meal looks wonderful. There's a place on South Padre Island in Texas that has lobster bisque to die for. I can taste it now. Thanks for the reminder.

    I go gaga over aquariums. I love all these things that connect us.

  3. I enjoyed your post!

    Fishtanks are wonderful to sit in front of and de-stress. One of my favorite things to do when my kids were little was to visit various fish stores on Saturday in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington metroplex. It was cheaper than the zoo and so many fish stores had huge display tanks with lovely specimens. Some even had chairs or couches to sit in for as long as you wanted. Happy sigh.

  4. I love your day trips, plan on taking me along.
    I lived on Indian Rocks Beach when I was 3 or 4. Loved it. We lived right on the ocean. It wasn't a kazillion dollars a foot then.
    I used to have a salt water aquarium and they are beautiful but the fish are soooo expensive. Better to admire someone elses.

  5. Looks like a wonderful day trip! Love the sea life pics, and the food, omg, looks FAB, especially that grilled shrimp! Beautiful beach, too!

  6. The great thing about being a scarlet cleaner shrimp is that your medical costs would be low, with a see-through body like that you would never need an Xray!
    What wonderful places aquariums can be, and what lovely colours the little inhabitants are. I went to a big aquarium somewhere once where you walk through glass tunnels and the fish swim right around you like flocks of colourful birds! It is nice that there still are people around with the capacity to marvel at beautiful things with innocent enjoyment. How lovely that the little child is still alive in you! That is a real blessing.

  7. Hi Tracey, thanks, I'm glad I'm not alone making a spectacle of myself, Ha.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, we looked at homes on South Padre one time, cool, but I can imagine what would happen during a hurricaine. It has been years since I went to an aquarium, I'm going to take a day drip to one very soon.

    Hi Patti, thanks, that really is a cool town, we saw they built some condominiums and they started at $875,000 - wonder if any sold?

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, the food and beach were fab for sure, nice deep silver white sand.

    Hi Peter, thanks, what a creative mind you have, and what a great thing if we were transparent, all our ills could be diagnosed non invasively. A tunnel aquarium would be wonderful; I am looking for one to visit real soon.

  8. Hi Natalie, thanks, I seemed to have skipped over your post, what a great idea have a couches or chairs to sit and watch the fish, almost like meditation. yes, sigh, I'm going to go to another one very soon.


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