Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mangrove Snapper

Once a week we're making a regular trip to our local fish market on Wednesday's to get fresh caught local fish. Next time we go I've got to get a photo of the guys arriving on their boat at the back door, how much fresher could that be? Yesterday we got some mangrove snapper which was new to me. Gary said the meal looked great presented on my handmade leaf and fern serving trays. Maybe lunch or dinner plates don't have to be round. Square or rectangular ones would be easier to fit in the kitchen cabinet too.

Put your black rice on the stove to cook and use two cups of water for every one cup of rice. Put a small pat of butter in the water and bring to boil and then add the rice and cook till water is completely gone, about 20 minutes. The pat of butter helps the rice stay nice and flaky. Meanwhile remove skins from one shallot and a one inch cube of fresh ginger and chop very fine.

Cut your fillet of mangrove snapper to serving size (or any snapper or mild white fleshed fish will do).

Sautee the ginger and shallot over medium heat to soften in a pat of butter.

Add the snapper and sprinkle with your favorite spices. Cook about five to seven minutes on each side depending upon thickness. Don't over cook fish otherwise it turns mushy; you want it flaky. Test for flakiness by inserting a fork into fish and twisting to the right or left a half a turn if it turns easily it's done.

See how the fish flakes while I'm eating it. Oh boy, was it delicious. Gary liked the fish and the black rice too. Dinner took less than half and hour to make. We'll have this mangrove snapper again sometime. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I envy that fish- it is so hard to get good fish here! I use the serving trays to eat off of sometimes too- I am with you that they work as well as a plate.

  2. Hi Meredith, thanks, one of the lucky things about Florida and that fresh fish market so close, they have fish from other countries shipped in too, they have salmon from Scotland; I didn't even know Scotland had salmon. I have such a hard time getting my round hand built plates not to warp and wanted to make my own set of dishes; I may make a set of square flat trays as a set and solve that problem. Ha.

  3. Nothing better than fresh fish. This sounds easy and delicious. I have square white dinner plates. I like the way they look, sort of an Asian influence I guess. Yours would be wonderful for eating from or for serving.

  4. looks delicious... like Meredith said, hard to get good fish around here.
    we eat off of all sorts of odd shaped dishes here, it makes dining much more fun!

  5. I'm envious. On another fishy note, the last time my brother came up from Pensacola to visit, he brought some redfish he bought at the market in Pensacola so we could have some of his blackened redfish.

    Guess where the redfish was caught? Off the coast of North Carolina.

  6. Hi Teresa, thanks, square white plates are perfect, white enhances the food by letting it stand out.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yeah a bit of unusual is fun.

    Hi Michael, thanks, caught off the coast of North Carolina, Ha, what a hoot. We have prawns they ship in from Jacksonville which are probably caught near South Carolina too. This fish shop is a little independent one and they do some business around here. One of these days we need to get out and do some fishing and learn to catch our own.

  7. Oh Michael, I forgot to say I've got to look up a recipe for blackened, that sounds good.

  8. Hi Lori, thanks so much, it was really good, I'll get that fish again if they have it, the fillets were nice and thick too.


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