Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Lavender Lady

It might be interesting to do another tile like this one and reverse the colors of the hair and the face. I might try that. I have no idea what will happen with these colors after firing. I've used some designer velvet underglaze on this tile which is about 7 x 9 inches. I've blended in lots of other colors and some sgraffito over the top. I showed it to Gary and he said he had a hard time seeing the face. What do you think, can you see it or should I emphasize the eyes, nose and lips more. Oh, I'll wait till I fire it and then I can always add acrylic.

I used to be known as the lavender lady at my last place because I had a lavender farm. Above is a photo from my farm. You can follow the link on lavender farm to see more photos of my gardens on my previous blog. Oh, I should create something with orange and purple together, a striking combination I think. I miss my gardens, but not all that work.

Today I was thinking I need to get into more of a routine. When I had my gardens I had to stick to a schedule otherwise everything would have died. Watering, pruning, harvesting, packaging, stock my gift shop, inventory, etc. so many things I had to take care of and not a minute to spare. I was extremely busy, too busy.

Now I'm busy but not in the same rushed and frantic way. I don't have much of a regular daily pattern and I think I need more of that. I'll always have some spontaneity like the times I drop everything to head to a museum or the shore and of course there's my spontaneous making of things in clay.

Anyway I'm making a schedule for myself and I'll see how it works out. Don't worry it won't be too rigid. I'm just not that way. Is that a contradiction, what can I say, that's how it goes. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I'm with Gary. I am having a bit of trouble with her face.
    Schedule is good for getting things done, just keep that window open for spur of the moment wants.

  2. Let's wait till it's fired, but I bet it turns out beautiful. Love your pics of lavender...

  3. I like the mystery of the tile. There's an elusive quality that I find appealing. And as you say you can always add later.

    It must have been a tremendous amount of work, but I do envy all that lavender. I can only grow it as an annual here. I have never found a variety that will survive five below zero.

  4. Hello Linda:
    Although we would agree that the face is not clearly visible on the tile, we rather like the air of mystery which surrounds her. It gives it all a somewhat dreamlike atmosphere which we think works well with the colours you have chosen.

    From our own gardening experience, we should concur that maintaining a garden of any size is tremendous hard work and to keep on top of it all requires a highly disciplined approach. We too do not miss the work now that we no longer have our garden but can well see how to give some structure to your days may well be of benefit. However, creativity does not readily come to order!!!!

  5. i agree that it is hard to see the face but i do like the mystery!
    your gardens were beautiful and i love the purple bike!

  6. It really is hard to see her face. I love lavender. When I was in California there is a farm up in Napa where I used to buy all my presents for others. The neck rest was especially great.

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  8. Good Morning Lavender Lady,

    The tile is lovely though the face on it is not clearly visible. Looking forward to seeing it after firing.
    I remember very well your wonderful tricycle. I have always loved it. Glad to see it again today. Your lavender field looks GREAT!! I can smell the aroma of lavender!

  9. Hi Patti, thanks, I forgot to mention the lines will be emphasized after firing as they'll turn more white so that may help.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I'm going to wait and see.

  10. Hi Suzi, thanks, I was hoping for that mysterious look. I know there is a lavender farm in Connecticut, but I am not sure how cold it gets in their winter. Lavender doesn't do that well in pots either.

    Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, that just what I was aiming for a mysterious dream like state, that's why her eyes are closed. That's it creativity does not come to order, so true.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I hated to part with that tricycle, but it was too bulky to fit.

    Hi Linda, thanks, yes lavender is a wonderful relaxing herb and I have heard those neck warmers are wonderful to use.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, well what a surprise we have known each other for so long, time flies doesn't it. Ah yes the fragrance. Gee I have sand here I need to get a lavender plant, oh boy now I've gone and done it, another project on my hands, well just a few herbs would be nice and I have raised beds for them.


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