Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Three Cats

Binky sunning

Betty yawning

Butter lounging

A while ago I went to the ER and have been making payments each month. There's the ER hospital bill, the radiologist bill, the physician bill, and the ambulance bill. All agreed to take payments except the hospital said they'd have to 'approve' payments. They wanted to know what I own, what type of car I have, how old it is, how much money I have in the bank, (ha), etc.

I didn't fill out the hospital request for information, (I'm just sending them payments). I just realized I missed an opportunity to list my assets. I have my husband and my three cats. Wonder what monetary value they'd put on them? They're priceless to me. You can click on each cat's name for a story about them. Have a relaxing weekend; thanks for reading and for your comments.


  1. I spent 3 nights in the hospital in April. Had to have 2 blood transfusions due to internal bleeding. I am fine, now. Thank goodness for health insurance. One good reason for David to hang on to his job!

  2. Hi Gigi, thanks, I don't have health insurance any more, it was too expenive and it had a $10,000 deductible anyway, Gary has VA, hopefully I can last till medicare and they still have medicare then. Ha.

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  4. i had a colonoscopy a a year and a half ago after experiencing a nasty virus or food poinsoning and then another minor in office procedure done. even with an HMO plan, I was left with about 2k in bills. i was glad they accepted payments... mailed the last one two weeks ago.
    i think the hospital will be ok with you sending payments... if you were to fill out the paperwork and you met their criteria they have reduced your bill. hospitals often have programs to help people out.

  5. Hi Michele, thanks, the hospital already reduced the bill because that was when I had insurance and they won't reduce it any more. All the paperwork sounded like they wanted me to sign saying I asked for credit and then if I didn't pay they could take me to court. Florida has some crazy laws many of which I don't know about. I asked them to reduce it further but to no avail, they kept calling and calling harrassing me and I finally quit answering their calls. I just read 46 million people in America are living in poverty the largest amount ever. If only they'd use the money for wars to help the people here in the USA.

  6. They're so cool!!!
    I have 4!! :))

  7. Hi Black Pumpkin, thanks so much, I love them all, such unique personalities.


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