Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sneak Peak of Once Fire

Here's a sneak peak of the once fire wall sculptures. The top shelf looks fine, I'll unload later. These sculptures take up a lot of space in the kiln lying flat. I added two half shelves to get two more in this load. I could order two more of these large shelves, but I'm wondering if I could fire some of these standing up. I'd probably have to use kiln posts to keep them upright and that might increase the temperature in the kiln. What do you think?

To be more efficient I could make pieces which fit better on the shelves. I never think of that when I start working though. Might think about that now, since I'm trying to reduce electricity consumption. If I had some smaller pieces I could have fit them in, but I didn't have any made.

My blogging friend, Judy, suggested I try Dorland's Wax Medium for a cold surface for my wall sculptures and tiles. Gary happened to be in Orlando so I had him stop at Sam Flax South. They didn't have Dorland's but had Gamblin so I had Gary get some. I'm excited to try this and other surfaces on my work.

What do you think of the white background behind the Gamblin supplies? That's a piece of white foam I grabbed to take a quick photo. Not bad for diffusing the overhead fluorescent light in the bathroom (yeah, it's my unofficial photo room). Hum, might have to try using that foam to photo pots. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Kiln load is looking good. I'll be interested to see how the cold wax finish works. I was told to use just a little and buff it in - adding more if you think it needs it.

  2. Looking Gooood!! Can't wait to see them fired and then see them waxed.

  3. That load is looking lovely - love the nice bright colours. My impression is that loading the tiles upright would increase warping. I have seen tile holders for kilns. A pair of uprights with slots for tiles to slide into so they are held horizontal but stacked.

  4. I don't realize how much work you create till I see it in the kiln. What you show us is just a small portion. You are a busy lady.

  5. Hi Judy, thanks, I'll try that; the other two ingredients I have shown there are supposed to thin it and make it shinier if I want, so I'll experiment with these and some other treatments too.

    Hi Cass, thanks, these are already fired, once fired to vitrification, I'll be testing the waxes and other surfaces the next few days.

    Hi Anna, thanks, I may just stick with flat because I don't want to risk all that hand painted slip work and all the time it takes to get them good and dry to fire.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I've been going kind of hog wild on these wall sculptures, so my cabinets are still full for another couple of loads. The kiln has two more full shelves below this top one. Ha.


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