Monday, October 3, 2011

Green Tree Frog

Look who's been visiting us every day, a green tree frog. Isn't he the most beautiful color. About once a week a lawn service comes by wanting to spray our lawn. Gary says, "Why? Look at our lawn it's greener than the one you're spraying". I don't think we'd have as many wonderful creatures like this frog if our lawn was sprayed.

Here you can see how small he is. One day Gary opened the screen door and the frog jumped on the back of Gary's neck. Gary said he knew it wasn't something to worry about. The next thing you know the frog jumped in the bushes near by. Thank goodness Gary didn't swat him or something. If it had been me I'm sure I would have jumped not knowing what was on the back of my neck.

Now we look for him every day. I think he likes to sun himself since this side of the screen faces South. I hope he isn't wanting to get to the pool water; I put a small flat pan of water out there for him, since were having a dry spell.

More details to refine on this one which is about 7 x 8 inches. I think I'll cut off a little more clay on the bottom on both sides of the chin. It's too regular shaped and distracting. I want it to look like the piece was etched into a slab of rock.

Here's the first revision. Can you tell she's a woman? Still not sure about the shape of the edges, but it's improved. I better quit while I'm ahead with cutting more off. Might be like cutting bangs, pretty soon they're too short. I'll go back now and soften the edge of the end of the nose while the clay is still damp enough. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

UPDATE: I made a more revisions to the eyes, nose and chin.


  1. She looks like an American Indian to me. Such an itty bitty teeny tiny frogie woggie.

  2. Hello Linda:
    We cannot get over how very tiny your Green Tree Frog is, nor how wonderful it looks when seen against the blue of the door frame.

    We like the idea of the face appearing to have been hewn out of the rock face and for this, as you say, the edge does need to be irregular.

  3. Those little darling frogs make a racket when in mass that is hard to believe but they really are cute.
    Like the revisions.

  4. that frog is tiny! I thought he/she was going to be big. No to spray is a good idea.
    Your faces just keep evolving- keep it up.

  5. At first, I thought the frog was a ceramic piece you had created!!! lol. Such a cutie.

  6. Hi Linda, thanks, not sure of her nationality. Isn't that frog, just the cutest and a lovely lime green.

    Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, I guess frogs are an indicator species, if all is well there will be lots of them. I hope the shading shows up after firing, this one is kind of dark.

    Hi Patti, thanks, we don't seem to get much of a chorus from them here, maybe there are only a few. She got better looking as I went along.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, the close ups are deceiving as to how big things are; I find the same thing about ceramic pieces I see; more faces to be forthcoming.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, I wish I could make a frog as realistic as this photo, perhaps I'll try doing a frog portrait.


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