Friday, October 21, 2011

Hogfish and Blue Boy

Gary brought some hogfish home from our local fish market. When I looked up hogfish on the net I noticed it has a beautiful color and shape. Gary said they filleted the fish right in front of him. Too bad I wasn't with Gary because I would have taken some photos to show you. Maybe if I had seen how beautiful the fish was I might not have wanted to eat it though. The fish is regulated and only so many can be fished. I plan to make a wall sculpture of this colorful fish. The photo below is from wikipedia.

I coated the hogfish fillets with egg and dipped them in gluten free crumbs to which I added chives and dill. I melted some butter in a sauce pan and added some minced garlic. For a nice crunchy crust get the butter just short of burning and then put in the fish fillets and sauted them over medium high heat. I added a very thin slice of manchega cheese to the top after I flipped the fillets over. I served the fish with a slice of lime and quinoa as a side. The quinoa is cooked just like rice on top the stove; two cups of water to one cup of quinoa. Both were delicious along with a treat of some raspberries. We're on a pretty strick budget, but once every couple of weeks we splurge on some local fresh fish.

Here's another whimsical tile I made of a blue boy singing in the rain. I'm debating whether to add some blue rain drops. I don't know where his tail came from but it makes me smile. Instead of a vestigial tail, his is prehensile. I was reading about vestigial organs and behaviors in humans and it was quite interesting. The background color is actually tan, but it looks like the color of the clay. Not sure how the tan color will fire or any of the colors since I've switched over to speckled stoneware clay.

Above are some big puffy clouds we saw one day driving along the highway; I was smitten with their billowy look. Coming up another animal portrait and another personal shrine, this time with a botanical influence. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    Your fish dish looks delicious. We love fish and, although we have never heard of or seen a Hogfish previously, we are quite sure that your supper must have been a memorable one.

    Fish is very expensive here in Budapest. Although we can understand it to some extent, Hungary being entirely landlocked, even river fish can be expensive too.

    Yes, your blue boy made us smile too....perhaps the raindrops could be a different colour in order that the scene is not too depressingly damp?!!!

  2. My favorite meals are with fish. Your plate looks (and sounds) delicious. I think raindrops would be nice on the tile....

    I, too, Love billowy clouds.

  3. I was almost expecting a hog fish to be riding a motorcycle (that joke may be a bit obscure).
    I can see you putting one on a tile, it's so colorful and beautiful, like your sea horse.

  4. What a gorgeous color that fish is. Wow! Would have loved to have a bite of it. lol.

  5. I think I'd add some's just too cute! I read this post, went to the kitchen and started some talapia, then came back to leave a comment. Hahaha

  6. Something tells me that hogfish was happier in the ocean.
    Your cats are adorable, I have a big attitude plus Bengal, who rules over my Shelties life.

    :-} wonderful ceramics too.
    I will be back, do come visit me.


  7. Mmmm...your fish dinner made my hummus and cracker quick lunch just now seem sadly inadequate :)

    I like the idea of adding a few raindrops to blue boy - - maybe in an unexpected color as the first comment suggested would be fun and add to the whimsy as well.

  8. Blue Boy makes me smile...his tail seems appropriate...yes on the raindrops...perhaps another shad of blue?

    We don't get hogfish up here...looks yummy.

    Shrimp risotto for supper tonight.

  9. Oh and yes definately something in the background swirling rain? good luck with your mer :)

  10. I think we saw those clouds yesterday- fish sounds great!
    I am going to call you the Queen of tiles!

  11. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, even here fish is expensive but a splurge every now and then is worth it. Glad you mentioned a different color for the raindrops I like that idea.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, those clouds looked like soft cotton balls that day so beautiful; the fish was really good.

    Hi Lori, thanks, Gary keeps telling me to make a harley tile, but I just can't bring myself to do one, maybe one of these days. Ha.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, I have got to get myself some good orange and coral colors in underglaze, I love that color too.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, the tilapia would be good cooked this way too. thanks for your input about the raindrops.

    Hi Lorraine, thanks, yes I think it was happier in the gulf for sure; I will definitely stop, thanks so much for visiting.

    Hi Barbara, thanks sometimes a quick snack hits to the spot though. I'm so glad I mentioned the raindrops as everyone has the same thoughts about them.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, shrimp risotto sound delicious too. Any mild fish can be cooked this way.

    Hi Lorraine, thanks, I might mess it up with swirling rain, I'll have to think about that.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, since I'm Queen, will I get a raise? I could sure use one. Ha.


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