Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Rooster Crowing

Top of the morning to you. I did a large rooster tile today. Sometimes hearing a rooster crow in the morning is a good thing.

At the NYC Times Square protest, one person coming out of a musical was quoted as saying, "I think it's horrible what they're doing," she said of the protesters. "These people need to go get jobs."

Two hundred people applied for a part time job here recently, six were called for an interview, Gary was one of them. At the interview they told Gary he was their top choice. When he called them back a week later, they said they weren't hiring just now.

At a job fair for one employer, thousands showed up for a few jobs; they said they'd hire Gary. He went back four times, each time they said they were going to hire him. Finally they said they weren't hiring. We talked to someone who works for that employer. She said they don't have the business to hire and never did hire anyone after the job fair. The employer who held the job fair was a local major auto dealership.

At four other local businesses they told Gary they'd hire him when business picks up, he's gone back to each one periodically; they've all said business hasn't picked up yet.

Yes it is horrible, these people want and need jobs. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I like your rooster. Best wishes to Gary - never easy to go for interviews and to be led on like that is awful.

  2. Hi Anna, thanks, apparently some employers are holding job fairs as a stimulus for their business and for community good will, ha, some good will, new car dealers in this country aren't making the sales they usually do as folks are buying more used vehicles. And he spent his fuel money to keep driving there too, so sad.

  3. Yes, it is sad. I feel sorry for you and your husband! Take care!

  4. There are way too many folks, including candidates( like Herman Cain) who share this "Let them eat cake" attitude.

  5. I have two brother in laws that lost their jobs, one of them hasn't worked in six years. Their families are really struggling. Gerry's youngest brother lost his house. I'm so glad this country is finally taking a stand against the rich bastards that are ruining our country!
    BTW, I hear a rooster crow next door every morning at 5am, I'm ready for him to go! It wasn't so bad when I had to get up and get Wes to school, but now I could sleep all day if I wanted too, except for that cock a doodle!

  6. Hi Gigi, thanks, don't feel sorry for us, we have a nice home, food on the table, three great cats, and each other and are creative enough to make do, it's the other's that I feel sorry for that have lost everything and then folks say, let them get jobs. We have lots of alternatives and many others don't. I just can't stand it when I hear folks say things like that when they have no idea and when they have the money to travel to NY and go to a musical to boot.

    HI Dennis, thanks, yeah I thought Cain was a good alternative till Iheard him say he was against the protestors saying folks can just do like he did and raise themselves up from the bottom, those days are gone right now for folks, we need some real changes and unfortunately the rich are too far removed from reality to see how the little guys and their families are reall struggling.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, yes I see it all around me and it is so sad, the have and the have nots, our country seems to be going the way of the caste system in India; and our leval of living is being lowered while other countries level of living is being raised but it doesn't affect the rich so they don't care. A crow once in a while would be nice, but every morning, probably not, Ha.

  7. beautiful rooster. i had neighbors once with a bunch of roosters that cock a doodle dooed every morning... i got used to it but when we had overnight guests they always commented on how annoying it was!

    my sister lost her home to foreclosure two years ago... she is a french and spanish middle school teacher, last year her position was cut to part time but the timing of her classes make it so she is at school only an hour less than before. that makes it hard for her to find another part time position to fill in the gap. she feels like they will never get back on their feet. i try to stay positive through this mess.

  8. Hi Michele, thanks, I just can't see how folks can say "let them get jobs" when just about everyone I know, knows someone who has been affected by the poor economy and rising costs of necessities at the same time.

    I try to stay positive, but sometimes it isn't easy that's for sure.

  9. Linda, thank you soooo much for your lovely comments! The feathers on that rooster look amazing!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  10. Has anyone ever noticed that disasters beyond our control such as hurricanes, tornadoes, even 9/11 cause economic problems which lead to relatively quick recoveries. But the banking crises, housing bubble, the S&L debacle of several years ago, the crash of '29 all caused by greed and stupidity take many years to return to any sort of normalcy. I don't think greed will ever go away, but surely there is some better way to guard against it than 'self regulation'. Climbing down from hobby horse, rant over. ;)

    That is one fine rooster, Linda. He looks ready to crow himself right off the tile. Reminds of a Rhode Island Red who used to follow his mistress around and sit with her when she was fishing off the bridge across her street.

  11. Linda, your rooster is perfect. Girl, I mean perfect. Put this dude on coffee cups, plates, bowls, whatever. You've got a winner here...go for it!!!!!!

    I think the commenter above is right, businesses are using job fairs to promote their businesses and have no intention of hiring. Prada has a purse for $48,000 and can't keep it in stock, according to an article I read. What's going on out there just isn't right. Cain's 9-9-9 tax would add 9% to the 23% national sales tax already in place, put state and local taxes on top of that, OY!

    Good luck to Gary. I hope he doesn't give up because he's obviously qualified.

  12. Hi Erena, thanks, feathers are so appealing to me on any kind of bird, even birds of a different feather, Ha.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, you know you've hit on something there I never thought of it that way, but when greend is involved the recovery takes forever, those with the money play ping pong back and forth while those suffering have to help themselves.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, yeah judging from what I sold this weekend, the rooster should be duplicated on inexpensive items as decals. ha.


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