Sunday, October 30, 2011

Small But Mighty

One day this summer we saw hundreds of tiny critters running across the road on the way to our local beach. The closer we got, the faster they ran. Not a single one was crushed under a car tire. How could they do that? When I tried to get close to take a photo, they ran into the weeds.

Initially we thought they were spiders or tarantulas. Finally I jumped out of the car and captured one in a photo. That's when I saw it was a tiny crab. They're about the size of quarter, the small but mighty crab. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. If you thought it might be a spider you were very brave to jump out of the car! I quite like watching crabs at the beach.

  2. Olá!!

    Fiz um toour pelo seu blog.
    Muito lindo seu trabalho em ceramica. Lindo e original.

    Parabéns a voce.

    Eu sou ceramista também.

    Um abraço do Brasil!!

  3. Nice pic. I like the way he blends with the stones...probably a survival thing.

    You've got me thinking about mugs! I haven't made any in ages. Nice imprints on them!

  4. I've seen those crabs! Cool shot. :) In reply to your stopping by and leaving a lovely compliment on my blog...
    Thanks Linda. We've seen two different Iguanas so far (one is smaller). The locals consider them pests to have around the house and catch them and EAT them. No thanks! I did the quilt using free motion with a variegated thread in the background and on pink on the butterfly and green on the flower! My free motion quilting skills are a little messy and I don't let stitch length bother me so sometimes it looks like my hand stitching. :)

  5. Well they are cute little things, aren't they? If I saw a bunch running and thought they might be tarantulas, I would have NOT tried to take a photo.

    I haven't been by to visit in ahwile, so need to get caught up. Your face tiles are awesome. I love the way they look on the easels.

  6. Hi Anna, thanks, well they were running so fast it was no worry at all to jump out. I have never seen so many crab at one time, perhaps they all just hatched or whatever they do.

    Hi Ma Ferreria, thanks, welcome and thanks for visiting, I will be sure to check your blog too.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, I think one of his front claws is larger than other but I didn't get the photo at that angle, he ran away after that and so I didn't get a chance for another shot. Hopefully I'll keep up with the challenge for the month, so far so good.

    Hi Bohemiannie, thanks, oh no folks eat the iguanas, how terrible. Your quilting looks wonderful and goes perfectly with the quilt. What a lot of work that quilt is, amazing.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I have quite a bunch of these tiles now, so much fun making them. I have a package I've been meaning to send to you now that I've mentioned it perhaps I'll get it together to send. Ha. I just remembered tomorrow is white rabbit day, got to remember.


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