Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Bucket & a Strange Fixture

Here's a bucket I made last night. I meant to tie the rope handle in a knot, but then decided to put a ring around the holes as if holding the rope from pulling through. The bucket is about 12 inches tall; the handle adds another 5 inches or so. I waver between putting colored slip or leaving pieces for a glaze. I thought about some oxide but I'll need to do some testing before putting some on this clay.

This bucket was going to be much wider but the slab I rolled out wasn't large enough so I adapted to the whim of the clay. Next time I'll make the slats more defined. I seem to make these shapes which vaguely resemble a human form quite often. At least I have a feeling of a person looking at this pot.

At the flea market the other day one of the other vendors asked Gary if he wanted a fixture. Gary obliged since it was free. Not sure what it is. Any ideas? I thought about shoe rack except there wouldn't be a way to hold them up on the other side.

It stands about 4.5 feet tall and is plastic coated metal. It's fairly sturdy but is also light weight. I thought I'd cover it with carpet and use it to hang ornaments and pendants on with drapery hooks inserted in the carpet. What do you think? Up next photos from the Shelley's Fish Market on the river in Homosassa. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I was thinking wine rack but that has the same problem as the shoes.
    Curious. Hope you find a use.

  2. "I adapted to the whim of the clay." What a nice sentence and thought. Adapting to the natural world seems to be a good lesson for life, too. Thank you, Linda.

    Boy, does that marlin look good in your previous post. Yummy.

  3. Neat bucket. No idea about the rack.

  4. Love all the texture on the bucket and how the handle pokes through. I see the figure, too. It has a pleasing balance to the eye. There are so many possibilities glaze/slip wise. How fun!

  5. maybe it's a men's tie rack??? or a place to hang your scarves?

  6. Nice bucket, what you did with the handle, the way it echoes the texture of the bucket.

    My first thought was with rack....but no, for obvious reasons. However I think your idea of covering it to use as a 'wall space' is a good one. It looks fairly sturdy.

  7. Hi Patti, thanks, yeah I was thinking along those lines too but funny the back seems to have no use.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, yeah adapting; the other day we came home and one of the turtles was out in the front yard we waited till he went in his den before we got out of the car so we wouldn't scare him. This time of year they need their nutrition to make it through the winter. We are so lucky to have access to all that fresh fish here.

    Hi Melissa, thanks, hope the bucket makes it through the firings.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, fun to think about though, eh?

    Hi Charlene, thanks, yes so many possibilities.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, you know you may be right about the scarves. I think ties would be too thin, but scarves might be it.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, I was trying to get some texture going on it all, now if the glaze doesn't obliterate it that will be good. Yeah we were thinking what to use it for, if not Gary can always sell it. Ha.

  8. Beautiful...the bucket is are such a wonderful artist!


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