Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mediterranean Marlin

This week Gary came home from the fish market with marlin. I have to admit when he told me the type of fish I was a bit mortified. I had visions of macho people fishing for this wild and beautiful fish just to throw it back in the water to be caught again. To me that isn't sport. The image for the fish was taken from wikipedia.

I believe if you hunt something you should eat it otherwise don't hunt it. And fishing by catch and release is the same as hunting. Poor helpless fish caught for no reason but supposed sport. Sorry about the tangent, but I can't stand to see anything suffer needlessly.

Anyway I am not a vegetarian and if the fish was caught legally I will eat it. So I thought about how to honor the fish with a recipe. The fish looked to have a very firm texture so I thought it could handle some stronger flavoring. I decided to make a Mediterranean Marlin.

I started some brown rice to cook and got my sugar snap peas ready to quickly saute. I dipped the fish in some beaten eggs and then some gluten free bread crumbs to which I added some lavender buds. Don't over do the lavender since it is a strong flavoring. Yes lavender buds are edible, trust me I was once a lavender farmer. I sauteed the fish in some melted butter.

While one side of the fish was browning I chopped some walnuts and Kalamata olives. After I placed the walnuts and olives on top of the fish and then turned the fish over to brown on the other side.

I started the snap peas to cook and added a little crushed mint and a pinch of sugar to bring out the flavor. Everything was ready at the same time and oh so delicious. Up next is a strange fixture perhaps you know what it is and can provide me some advice on how to re purpose it. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    We have never tasted Marlin, but really like your idea of giving it a Mediterranean flavour. Such an interesting idea to add Lavender, which previously we have only known in cakes.

    The dish is beautifully presented on your blue glazed platter. Yes, we really do think that you did the Marlin proud!!!

  2. I plan to bake some salmon filets tonight, probably with teriyaki sauce and chopped green onions. The green on top of the pink salmon will look real pretty.

  3. i have never had marlin either... what did you think of it? is it as dense as mako shark?
    everything looked beautiful on your square plate.

  4. A friend of mine likes to go fishing without using any bait or hooks. Why? People stayed quiet around her or just stayed away so as to not scare the fish they thought she would catch. To me that's nicer than catch and release. People who do that should stick a fishing hook through their cheek and see how it feels before saying it's humane.

  5. I agree with the hunt/catch/eat philosophy. Hunting for "sport" is rather obscene. ~Mary

  6. I like the platter you have presented your meal on, the 3 indentations work well with the 3 elements of food. I think Marlin is sold here as Swordfish and I did buy it once but wasn't very happy about it though it tasted fine. I had heard of lavender as a food flavouring but have only had it in a dessert not a savoury food. Waiting to see what needs to be re-purposed :^)

  7. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, I've had that lavender in the cabinet for some time and never thought of using it till now. I used to make lavender lemonade in summer at my lavender farm too. The English lavender is best for culinary use as it is sweeter.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, yes I think the green onions will look great on the salmon.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I've had shark but not sure if it was mako, but this marlin was the firmest and most dense fish I have ever eaten almost like the flesh of pork. Gary didn't like that aspect as it got stuck in his teeth which are bad so probably won't have it again.

    Hi Lori, thanks, interesting to hear how your friend catches the fish then? Yes those fisherman should have a hook in their cheek to see what it is like - imagine that many times over - ugh.

    Hi Mary, thanks, yes I think it is a real crime.

    Hi Anna, thanks, actually that plate has four indentations, but the fish hides the other symmetrical aspect of this plate I really need to make more of this plate in different colors, just need to find my slump mold for it. Lavender is in some herbs de provence too for soups and such. It really adds a different flavor and doesn't taste like is smells.


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