Monday, November 7, 2011

Sweet Potato Fries

Big trouble is on the horizon because I've discovered I can easily make my own sweet potato fries. I already love sweet potatoes, but some time ago I had sweet potato fries at a restaurant and I was hooked.

Then the other day I decided to try cooking my own. Normally I don't eat any fried foods at all. But to fry the potatoes I used olive oil because it's good for me. Ha. How's that for a rationalization for some fried food. I got the oil good and hot and dropped in the sliced sweet potatoes.

When they were slightly brown, I carefully removed the pan from the heat to an adjacent burner and scooped them out to drain on a paper towel. I sprinkled them with a little sea salt and some fresh ground pepper.

Please note there's a smoke or flash point for most oils so don't leave oil unattended. To put out a grease fire cover the fire with a lid or use baking soda, never use water. Since I don't have an oil thermometer, to be safe, I turned down the oil to just below high heat while I was cooking the sweet potatoes. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    We have never tried sweet potato chips but the idea, now that you have mentioned them, has great appeal. To be truthful, it is only comparatively recently that we first had sweet potatoes which we really enjoy. Like you, we hardly ever have fried food but when we do it is cooked in olive oil.

  2. I'd crawl through 7-11's window grate at two in the morning for sweet potato fries. And French fries, well, no will power there either.

    I guess I went to the Food Court at just the right time. I'd read a few of the research-type blogs that said $2.99 was a major leap writers should consider. But after waiting for my Whopper and seeing packed the Food Court was, I said something's not right here. Prior to the Food Court trip I'd thought I'd be brave and list $2.99. Now, Rachel did the formatting work (she's a genius!), knows I can't crawl around a computer, so sent me instructions on what to click open to handle the last page I had to fill out. It was, as she said, easy. When I got to the pricing choice, I said, screw this and clicked $3.99. Okay, Hemingway I'm not. But Remy's not Made in China junk!

    BTW, we're in the chute to move to North Carolina late spring, summer. I fully intend to purchase a piece or two of your pottery then. Downsizing now to cushion the move.

    Hope you adapted those religious icons!!!

  3. I roast them. Toss them in olive oil, roast, then sea salt...yummy

  4. I roast mine too- I love sweet potatoes any way from Sunday- just hold the marshmallows please.
    These would have gone great with our collards.

  5. I do mine like turquoisemoon to cut down on the oil. I also drizzle mine with a honey and cinnamon mixture once cooked.
    Guess what I will be having for lunch today. Thanks

  6. "Trouble on the horizon," Love it. I found sweet potato fries in SF and was hooked. I haven't tried them with pepper, though. Now, I want to try Patti's cinnamon and honey idea.

  7. Oh, for the yum!

    I had my first sweet potato fries about twelve years ago when we stopped for lunch at a little place in North Carolina. We asked when we stopped for gas and the woman recommended it...just wish I could remember where it was.

    I too, will eat sweet potatoes in any form but no marshmallows please.

    BTW, just what is the difference between sweet potatoes and yams?

  8. sweet potato fries are the BEST! i have roasted them as well and it is probably best for me to not try frying them at home because i might do it too often :o)

  9. We buy a large frozen bag of sweet potato fries from Costco and bake them in the oven. No fuss, no mess! And simply grand!

  10. Now you're talking! Yum! They look so delicious--even moreso in that lovely bowl!

  11. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, ah yes, chips they are called. ha, well olive oil it is then.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, I can just see you crawling through that window. Perhaps one day we will move the NC too, they do support the arts especially pottery there; been working on those icons.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I must try roasting them too, thanks for the tip.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, yes hold the marshmellows, ewe. yeah fries and collards, reminds me of the foods my grandmother used to make.

    Hi Patti, thanks, honey and cinnamon, hum, might have to try that.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, the other day I also sprinkled some rosemary, they seem to lend themselves to just about anything.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, I think I googled yams and sweetpotatoes before and I don't think there is much difference, but then again sweet potatoes seem to be red inside and the yams more yellow and I like the sweet potatoes better.

    Hi Michele, thanks, well not too much danger for me as the olive oil isn't cheap and it takes a bit to fry in so it will be an occasional thing; I will try the roasting.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, Costco is more than hour from here so driving there and back is prohibitive, but I may check that out.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, funny how even the lowliest food looks much better in handmade pottery. Ha.

  12. Love sweet potato fries and I have a recipe for a baked version on my blog. So easy and healthy, too.


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