Friday, November 11, 2011

Veins and Veterans Day

Yesterday was Gary's birthday and today he is celebrating being a surviving Vietnam veteran. One of the local restaurants is giving free meals to veterans, so we'll go there for lunch.

Gary said folks spit on him at the airport when he returned from Vietnam in 1969. Times have changed and veterans are more honored now. Thanks to all the veterans who have and are serving.

What do veins and veterans day have to do with one another? Nothing really, but I happened to have these leaves grouped together to show you. Veins are the lifeblood of a plant and in a way veterans are the lifeblood of a country.

There's outer beauty and inner beauty too.

Gary met a 97 year old woman at the flea market yesterday; she sells hats and has been selling them for 40 years.

He bought a new hat from her for a dollar, unbelievable, a dollar. I told Gary he should buy another one so when he wears one out he'll have a spare. I checked the label. Yes you guessed it, but in this case I think it's ok.

We're both hoping we'll be as spry as that woman at 97. Heck we're just hoping to make it to 97, let alone still be able to sell at the flea markets.

Gary came home yesterday and told me she is going deer hunting today with her son. Her son is the same age as Gary, 64. I'm thinking the woman and her son will probably be having venison for Thanksgiving dinner. It's supposed to get down to 31 tonight so we'll spend some time winterizing today. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    Belated birthday wishes to Gary and enjoy your lunch of today. Those of us old enough to remember the Vietnam War will do so with very mixed feelings and emotions. For our part we have looked at many of the images taken by our friend, László Kondor, who was an official war photographer at the time and so can, in some small part, appreciate the horrors for all involved in that particular conflict.

  2. A big "Thank You" to Gary and all other veterans...

  3. I was a child during Vietnam so I remember it only as scatter images on t.v. My parents were peace activists. My father counciled veterans upon there returning trying to help them through PTSD. Thank you to Gary and all other veterans. I hope you have a wonderful lunch.

  4. Thanks to Gary and to all those who have served the USA in war and peace. And belated birthday wishes.

    Nice collection of leaves, but 31?!'s warmer than that up here!

  5. Times have changed thank goodness. Now most people who don't support the wars still support and respect the soldiers.
    Happy Veterens Day to Gary. My Father-n-law is a Vietnam vet too. Baked him his fave peanut butter choc chip cookies this morning.

    Brrr Linda! I know! It's 34F here this morning. Seems a little early in the season to be this chilly down here, but I'm kind of enjoying it.

  6. Things have changed-best to gary.
    Love the leaves and Linda cut away on that clay-I love the leaves and make some my self.

  7. Sounds like Gary is doing well for someone who served in Vietnam, good on him - so many who returned were so traumatized they were unable to work. My brother was a Conscript in the Australian Army in Vietnam and through Faith has been able to work through to retirement age though still suffers nightmares at times. Great to hear of such an active 97 yr old. What are the purple berries?

  8. Loved your photos of leaves, the ones with the prominent veins reminded me of the experiment we did at school in biology, where we got a plant to take up water that was stained with purple dye, and watched in fascination as the veins in the leaves showed up.
    It is interesting how attitudes to all sorts of things change, some change really quickly, others things take a lifetime or more.

  9. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, luckily Gary's time there wasn't too traumatic as he was on a plane, but I am sure war no matter where isn't a good thing.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I'll let him know.

    Hi Lori, thanks, the lunch place was so packed we decided not to stop.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, I think it only got down to 39 but still that is cold, but it warms up during the day and is sunny.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, I'll give Gary the message.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, it does seem early for cold I thought for sure it only happened after Thanksgiving, weather is changing too.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, yeah I want to make more leaves and some big ones as platters.

    Hi Anna, thanks, yes Gary is doing well, luckily he is laid back Ha. Gary doesn't have nightmares at all, lucky duck. Those berries are called beauty berry and their color looks unreal, but it is truly what they look like, they are a native plant to the southeast USA.

    Hi Peter, thanks, yes it is strange something things change rapidly and others so slowly, oh well such is life. I remember doing the same such experiment in school now that you remind me of it, so long ago. Ha.

  10. Oh I just checked the temperature and it was 32 last night. Ugh

  11. A 97yr old woman is going deer hunting with her son.
    I better get busy...I am clearly not doing enough. ~Mary

  12. Hi Mary, thanks, she is putting me to shame too, I was feeling pretty guilty when Gary told me that.


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