Monday, December 26, 2011

Roof Repair

 Perhaps you remember I bumped the edge of this roof and a piece cracked off. I finally got around to repairing the roof on this mountain cabin personal shrine. I used thick slip mixed with vinegar. I have the edge propped up with a folded piece of cardboard to put some 'up' pressure on the underside of the roof. Hope it holds; the true test will be in the firing.

Here's the underside of the roof. The piece is in drying in the cabinet now.  I'll touch up the color in a day or so. I don't dare sand the slip; it would make the repair fail. This will just have to be a roof that a tree fell through and was patched. One of these days I'll do some tests with dried pieces and crack them on purpose to see which repair methods work best; might be nice 'clay clinical trial'. Ha.

Here's what the cabin personal shrine looked like just after I made it. Off to get more clay today. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season.


  1. Hi Linda.....have you ever tried spooz for repairs? 1 part karo to 1 part vinegar and unfired, pulverized clay mixed to anything from a liquid slip to a thick glop.....I also add in some toilet paper before the clay. I've used this successfully on green and bisque items. you have to work with it while wet...once it's dry it's like cement.....although it can be sanded after firing.

    You probably hate it, but there's something about the repair that makes it feel personal.

    Toes crossed that it works!

  2. Hi Suzi, thanks, I have never heard of spooz, Ha. I will have to try that and keep the ants away from it. yes the repair if it was a brown color would look like an old cabin wouldn't it, nothing of mine is perfect so it fits right in. Ha.

  3. Now you can add roofer to your talents. Hope it works.

  4. glad to hear it was the clay roof that needed repair.. when i saw your title i was afraid you and gary were having roof problems with the house you live in! i hope your repair does the trick.


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