Monday, December 12, 2011

Tent City

On a drive down to Tampa yesterday I noticed the tent city along the highway had been removed or moved, not sure which. I remembered hearing on the news they'd banned begging in that city except on Sundays. I wonder what those people will do now.

We visited one pottery (all I could talk Gary into visiting) on the Tour de Clay which was San Antonio Pottery. I had a nice time visiting with Jack Boyle and McKenzie Smith, and guest potters Michele Ginouves and Susan Livingston. Jack Boyle said a brick building next to his building has sat empty for 30 years. He tried many times to purchase or lease it and the owners couldn't agree among themselves so it's just sat empty the whole time rotting away for 30 years, amazing and sad.

Surprisingly no one has ever broken into or vandalized the building in all that time as evidenced by the spider, webs, and egg sacs which line the edges of the doorways. The spider and the egg sacs with protuberances are from a brown widow spider. I thought about all the homeless and then about all the houses sitting empty across the country.

In preparation for hurricane season earlier this year we purchased some canned goods. Since next summer they'll be out of date we donated them to the food bank. We had some camping gear we were going to sell at the flea market but decided the amount of money we'd get for those items wouldn't be much to us but the gear would be a lot to someone homeless. So we donated them to the local shelter which can pass them out to someone needy. Last evening I made this blue moon shrine with paper resist and sgraffito techniques. Hum, the tree looks like a hand, a hand with eight fingers. I may add a blue tent under that tree. The ground is blue too; it's cold outside. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I like your blue moon. We had a lunar eclipse recently I am told but we are getting heaps of rain so couldn't see anything for cloud.

  2. Lucky you to visit with McKenzie. I have one of his boxes and I love it, use it to keep my kosher salt in and it gets used every day.

  3. what a great idea to donate your camping gear to the homeless.
    i am not surprised that there is a moon in your work this week. this full moon has been very beautiful and powerful.

  4. Thank you for your donations to the homeless. I'm certain they will be appreciated. One thing that many people overlook when trying to help the homeless is that they need toilet paper as well as food and clothing. Hopefully one of your readers will help someone with this information.

  5. How sad that family can't stop arguing long enough to sell a building that could be put to good use. No begging except on Sunday...that goes in the 'just plain strange' category. I think the blue tent would be an interesting addition.

    P.S. one of my verification words today has been rentless !

  6. Hi Anna, thanks, I heard about the eclipse but didn't know till afterwards. We've had clouds too.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, yes it was fun talking with him we ended up discussing recipes for fish and where I studied pottery - the school of hard knocks still there. Ha.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I need to get outside more I haven't seen the moon at all, but it has been cloudy.

    Hi Lori, thanks, yes a good thought that someone else may read here and think of giving to others in need. I'm always thinking of folks when I see them begging on the side of the road and I read a couple of articles on the internet about stats about homeless people across the country. Shelters aren't always possible for many reasons for some.

  7. No doubt several people will appreciate your generosity. I saw a hand in your tree too. Lovely!

  8. Hi Smartcat, thanks, yeah amazing for thirty years that building was put to no use, geez, still thinking about the blue tent. Rentless, yes all the empty houses in America should be rentless to those who are homeless.

    Hi Laurie, thanks, sorry I can't do more but if everyone gives a little it does help I hope, I just cut out the paper tree and then put it down on the clay and slip paint over it then when I took the photo and looked it I saw the hand, perhaps the helping hand, Ha.


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