Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zen Shrine

Originally I intended this shrine to be a garden niche or alcove, an ode to a garden. It's 7.25 wide by 6.5 tall by 3 inches deep. While this was drying and being fired I mulled over many ideas of what to include inside. Then today I remembered I had this small buddha. He's made out of a green resin to simulate jade. Perhaps he's dwarfed inside; maybe he could be an ivory color. I could have put a door at the back like this was a porch of an old building. Maybe a bonsai tree and a concrete lantern. I might not even keep him in there, another idea may turn up.

As I become more familiar with making shrines, more ideas will come to me. I need to let my mind wander freely. I really like making these; it's stimulating to my mind to think about a story or a memory to illustrate or represent within them. This was one of the once fired pieces. There's spirals on the sides and the roof sags a little, but it's part of it's rustic charm. I'll be thinking about how to bring this together. Thanks for reading and for all your comment.


  1. That would be really nice in a garden. Lots of possibilities to play around with. I can imagine you making your own objects to place in there too.

  2. Realy lovely! I love the small shrine! that would be great in a garden! I love the backdrop colors and the fern design. The whole background looks like a deep forest! As for the small statue, it might be other deity.

  3. It's fun to move objects around in an enclosed space. You probably know that items take on an entirely new meaning when placed in the separate space.

    Make are on to something!

  4. Hi Melissa, thanks, great minds think alike as you were reading I was making. Ha.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, yes a deep forest, I have changed it up with another sculpture. Now I wish I had a dozen of these to work with, so I will make more.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, yes it is fun to more them around in the space like those child's dollhouses. Something to think about the items taking on new meanings depending upon where they are placed.

  5. I have my own little green Buddha, but not with that lovely backdrop.


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