Sunday, January 8, 2012

No Cracks or Mishaps

No cracks or mishaps this time. I've had less problems with seam separation since I started using apple cider vinegar on all my seams. Even the bucket I had such a time with held at the seams, I am truly amazed at that one. First I brush slip on scored seams, then I dip a paint brush into apple cider vinegar, dab it off a bit so it isn't too moist, then I paint over the slip before I attach the seams.

The big platter did fine without propping the edges. Yippee. Only thing is I carved lots of texture into the platter, now I need a good transparent type glaze so I don't cover up the carving.

The slip colors are getting better and the layered slip experiments turned out like I wanted. This tile has a light gray background slip; not easy to see in this photo.

I like the painterly effect of the overlapped slips on this next fern leaf vase.

The small wood nymph sculpture and oak leaves are destined for the garden shrine. Also I fired a few heart pendants for valentines coming up. 

Now to examine things more closely and think about glazing for the next firing.

Here's Gary and Binky at the computer in our utility room turned into an office. When we bought this house the washer and dryer connections were in the garage. I found some used kitchen cabinets and installed them in the utility room to make an office. What a transformation the cabinets made to this small space, so much more usable and more storage space. Thanks for all your encouragement and comments.


  1. These are looking great Linda. I like the vase with the grey slip, bare clay and layered slips and your large platter. Thanks for letting us share your 'thinking out loud' :^)

  2. Happy New Year, Linda!
    Your office looks cozy! I like the vase too and I've found a lovely couple of cardinals in another post. All the best for 2012!

  3. It's so encouraging to have a successful firing! Looks like you have some great results....good results on your slips. The platter is terrific. Have you thought of something transparent with a stain in it? The color would pool in the cuts and make them pop!

    Looking Good !!!

  4. That is a lovely body of work. You must feel so good seeing them all lined up like that.
    Love Gary's distraction.

  5. They look wonderful! It must be quite a tense time when you open up the kiln and check the results.

  6. Hi Anna, thanks so much, this blog is a good reference for me to refer back to sometimes when my memory fails me. Ha.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, happy new year to you, I need to do some more birds, the cardinals make me happy to look at. Ha.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, I use a commercial transparent because I can never get one that isn't cloudy, I think a blue green would look good with that red clay, do you think I could add some stain to that and it would work, wonder how much to add, what the heck, I may give that a try, thanks for the idea.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, yeah he made up for being lost in the snow when he was teenager, but our cat Butter is actually bigger than him.

    Hi Patti, thanks, yeah it's nice to just look at them for a couple of days while thinking of how to glaze them. Binky comes up to Gary and nudges his leg with his head and that means he wants to be picked up for a short minute, Ha.

  7. Hi Elaine, thanks, it used to be much more tense when I had very few good results, but now not so much, although there is so much time invested in many of them it is a disappointment if they crack. I still have a couple of tall pots in a cabinet which I haven't thrown away because they took so long to make, one of these days I'll get around to letting those go.

  8. Love, love, love your stuff. (The office is nice and cozy too!)

  9. Hi Linda...are you a member of Ceramic Arts Daily? You can get all sorts of advice on all sorts of clay stuff on their site. Any advice I could give on glazes would all be ^04-03. (

  10. i have a friend in NH who uses vinegar in his slip. he hand builds lots of cool box forms. i rarely use slip when joining things, just score a little and moisten.
    glad your bisque fired nicely - i really like the slip leaf prints.

  11. Kitties certainly love to come and steal some affection when you're on the computer!

  12. Hi Ronna, thanks so much.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, yes I am a member and I didn't even think of checking them out.

    Hi Michele, thanks, cool box forms, hum I must get back to making some of those myself. I might make up a grid with all the forms I make to remind myself what to make. I wish I had known about vinegar years ago, oh well if someone else reads it and uses it then at least they are helped. I painted slip on the leaves and then pressed them down, I must try more of those.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, yes binky has to get his cuddling in, he's a sweet big guy and almost died when he was a teenager but has lived a good long life now.


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