Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pendants and Which Handle ?

Here's a couple of new pendants designs I made recently. I want to make more of this bird's head pendant and leave off the hole and use a bale

This one I call hang five; I might add some polish to the toe nails, what do you think, red?

These will need bales added. What do you use to glue your bales on with? I've used two part epoxy but that's so messy. By making multiples of pendants I'm improving my technique each time, these are nice and thin. Sometimes I curl up the ends of pointed pendants ever so slightly so when they are worn they don't poke into the person wearing them.

I took a quick photo before Gary packed them up for tomorrow morning at the flea market, otherwise I wouldn't have a photo of them. Folks are asking for them there now. The dark red leaf ones are really nice, but too shiny to take a good photo. And the satin clear glaze came out just right on the patterned pendants. There's a few hearts in there for valentines day coming up. I have I made some of which I'll be adding bales to the backs.

Check out this etsy treasury called Linda Linda Linda, just what I needed for a pick me up this week. Thank you Linda K Design for including my mystical feather tile.

I have a ton of driftwood I collected in California and want to use it up, so I plan to make more buckets or other pieces to utilize the driftwood. For fun I thought I'd post different pieces of driftwood handles in this water bucket and ask which handle you think looks best. Disregard the first photo since that's a side view of the next one. There are five choices of handles following. This is the water bucket I almost couldn't get the form out of , but the seams held, sometimes my luck amazes me.

I have a couple of favorites, which handle do you like? Stay tuned for more pieces from the latest firing, some good, some not so good, and one crazy screw up. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Think I have to go with 2nd handle from the bottem. I like the proportions and asymmetry, quirkiness of the driftwood shape, and darker color of the wood with the green glaze. Works interestingly with the vessel without overpowering.

  2. I'm diggin' those top two pendants. I am thinking about trying pendants or something to use as kiln filler.
    And I would go with the second or third handle on the water bucket.

  3. Hello Linda:
    We love the foot pendant and think that it would be perfect with lipstick red toe nails. A wonderful contrast to the grey, very unusual and fun!

  4. I prefer the last handle as, to me, the other handles overpower the container. Those pendants sell like hot cakes in my village. In the Balkans they use silicone to glue stuff together, including decorative moulds on walls. Not sure if it's available in the U.S. but that stuff works!!!

  5. Either 3 or 5 would work for me.

  6. I like the first 3 the best with 2 & 3 at the top of the list.

  7. Wow! We are all over the place on this one. I was drawn initially to the second but upon further looking I think the next to last works best. It's visual weight and size balances with the bucket so that one doesn't over power the other.

    As for attaching stuff....I generally use a kneading of the ones where it comes in a cylinder and you cut off an amount and knead until mixed....I have it in black and a grayish white. I think I've used silicon everywhere but on pots.....I know Elmer's makes it in small tubes. It might be worth testing.

  8. The driftwood makes it. ~Mary

  9. Third handle from the top and the first pendant.
    Really like that bucket.

  10. I have been buying bails from a guy on etsy and he was been great to deal with... we talked on the phone and he even sent me some samples of different types. He suggested using E6000 for adhesive since it works well with temperature/climate change, ie if you make it in Florida and ship to Alaska it will stay adhered. So far I have had good luck with it. It's readily available at most hobby shops.
    ... so hard to decide on the driftwood... i like 2,3 and 4 the best... i think??? they all look good, particularly with that glaze.

  11. I like your bird head pendant :)
    I use a glue from the local hardware that is made to stick ceramic and metal and so they stick to each other rather well and it has a built in nozzle at the end of the tube which helps it to be less messy to use. Happy New Year by the way :^)

  12. Hi Barbara, thanks, that's my favorite I think.

    Hi Rob, thanks, no matter how many small pieces I make I always seem to have plenty of room for more.

    Hi Lance and Jane, thanks, still debating whether to add the polish.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, yeah folks are always asking for my pendants and looking to see if they are signed. Ha.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, wonder if I should glue it or just leave it loose?

    Hi Suzi, thanks, I have never used a kneading epoxy; I might try that. The two part tends to string out and with pendents such a small amount is needed it's hard to control.

    Hi Mary, thanks, I do love the driftwood handles.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I need to make more of those bird pendants, it seems like it takes just as long to make something small as it does something large. Ha.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I have some of that E6000 and will try it, I forgot I had it. Who is the guy you are working with on etsy? I want to get some other bales I only have silver and would like some copper and gold.

    Hi Anna, thanks, a tube of glue would be better than the two part epoxy I use, way too messy, good for large wall hangings, but not good for small pendants.


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