Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Simply Scrumptious Teriyaki Salmon

I made teriyaki salmon a few nights ago for dinner and Gary said this is his new favorite recipe. He says that about all my recipes. He just wants me to keep cooking for him. I told him when people get older they tend to like salty foods because their taste buds diminish and aren't as discriminating for the more subtle flavors. So we have to be careful not to eat too much salt. Not that we're older mind you, but we're older than we used to be yesterday. Soy sauce has a lot of sodium I think, I'll have to check the label.

At the grocery store the other day Gary was in line and he happened to be wearing his Vietnam Vet baseball cap. The guy in line behind Gary said he shouldn't wear that hat since he wasn't in Vietnam. Gary asked him how he knew he wasn't in Vietnam. The guy said Gary wasn't old enough to have been in Vietnam. Gary asked the guy if he wanted to see his identification and the guy seriously said he would. Gary told the guy he wasn't his boss and he wasn't showing him his ID, then Gary paid for his groceries and left the guy standing there. I guess Gary looks younger than he is, so that's a good thing. I'm sure it must be my cooking that keeps him looking young.

Anyway I digress, here's how I made my own teriyaki sauce. I sauteed a shallot and two tablespoons of chopped fresh ginger in some butter, then I added 2/3 cup of gluten free soy sauce, 1/3 cup of pineapple juice, and a 1/4 cup of brown sugar and turned the heat up to medium high, stirring while cooking the sauce till it thickened. I had already started the rice to cook and readied the snow peas in separate pans. Meanwhile I sauteed the salmon in another pan and when the rice and snow peas were ready I put them on a plate and drizzled the teriyaki sauce over the top of the salmon and some on the rice too. It was simply scrumptious. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I love teriyaki salmon.It's 7am and you have me wanting some for breakfast.

  2. tell Gary- right on for me- imagine asking someone that!
    You are both young at heart and mind and young looking!

  3. Hi Dennis, thanks, I could eat some right now too, a small zap in the microwave and it would be good if I had any leftovers, but there never are any leftovers with Gary around Ha.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I couldn't believe it either, some people are so rude, Gary thought he might have wanted to start a fight; Gary even said he was kind of at a loss for words which he said was unusual for him.

  4. The gall of people never ceases to amaze me.
    The salmon looks delicious!

  5. Mmm, your teriyaki sauce sounds great, and the very next salmon to come home with me will be treated that way! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am definitely cooking that meal this week!
    I'm just going to start a Linda's cookbook page on my desktop :)

  7. Hello Linda:
    We are quite sure that Gary keeps on complimenting your cooking because it really is delicious. It certainly looks so from here.

    People are just so rude some times and it is often difficult to ignore them. Nevertheless, thinking that Gary is too young is rather good, we feel, after all you will never be younger than you are right now!!

  8. my mouth is watering!! your teriyaki recipe is similar to the one i use for chicken wings but for the wings you don't cook the sauce - just marinate.
    have you ever tried the low sodium soy sauce? i wonder if you can get it gluten free and if it is any good.

    Gary doesn't look old enough to have been in Nam but that guy's comment was rude... why didn't he say something nice like... "wow, you look great, never would have guessed you were old enough to be a Vietnam Vet!"

  9. Salmon is soooo good for you too. I love it so I'll be happy to try this recipe, you make the best meals.

  10. How rude to challenge a stranger to prove they are worthy of wearing something! I'm glad he didn't submit to the intrusion.

    Your Teriyaki Salmon sounds wonderful!

  11. Sounds good. I might give it a try.

  12. It never ceases to amaze me the rude things people will say of ask in public.

    The teriyaki salmon looks delicious...

  13. Hi Suzi, thanks, yes the gall is amazing isn't it.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, the teriyaki might be good on something else too, hope you like it.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, I might have to write a cookbook, I have a recipe file I haven't even looked at for years.

    Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, yes we'll never be younger than today, that's for sure.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yes why didn't that guy take the high road, that's what Gary should have said to him, I'll mention this to Gary.

    Hi Lori, thanks, might as well keep life interesting with a change of pace. Ha.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, yes perhaps that guy had some issues with Vietnam.

    Hi Melissa, thanks, the sauce could probably be made in large batches and frozen too.

    Hi Julia, thanks, yes we have been amazed so many times at the grocery store and other places. Give it a try you might enjoy the sauce.


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