Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tree of Life

by: William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
      HEN to the sessions of sweet silent thought
      I summon up remembrance of things past,
      I sigh the lack of many a thought I sought,
      And with old woes new wail my dear time's waste:
      Then can I drown an eye, unused to flow,
      For precious friends hid in death's dateless night,
      And weep afresh love's long since cancelled woe,
      And moan th' expense of many a vanished sight.
      Then can I grieve at grievances foregone,
      And heavily from woe to woe tell o'er
      The sad account of fore-bemoanèd moan,
      Which I new pay as if not paid before.
      But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,
      All losses are restored and sorrows end.

      My friend Connie passed away on Sunday in Porterville, California; she wasn't much older than I am. Too often the plight of those of little resource and unable to speak for themselves is so sad. Try as I might getting through to the hospital and rehab facility was a futile fight, much as it was when Gary's father was hospitalized there years ago.

      The tree of life in the first photo was made by Connie;  the tree is about 15 inches across and was made to hang on the wall. The bluebird was also made by Connie. Connie and I met at the local college where we used take clay classes together in California. Connie is at peace in clay heaven now.


  1. Sympathies.....it's so hard to lose a friend.

    Sonnet #30 is a favorite. I read it at P's memorial.

  2. Sorry to hear about the passing of your friend...

  3. So sorry to read about your loss.

  4. My condolences, Linda! Hope she is making many clay figurines in clay heaven!

  5. sorry to hear that you lost a friend. how sad that you couldn't reach her at the hospital.

  6. I'm sorry, Linda. When you see a fluffy cloud in a blue sky, you'll see Connie's busy at work.

  7. Hi Linda, I;m sorry to hear about your friend. It's aways hard when you have a loss. I just lost a friend, so I know what you are going through.

  8. So sorry to read of the loss of your friend. You will have memories of your time together, they will live on. Her tree of life sculpture is lovely, and those birds are just so sweet.

  9. what a nice way to share your thoughts about your loss.
    Thinking of you.

  10. I'm so sorry, Linda. Showing her tree of life and the sonnet is a wonderful tribute.

  11. I am so very sorry you lost your friend. We are never ready for that.

  12. Thanks for all your well wishes. I could get through on the phone but I couldn't get through to them, if you know what I mean, couldn't communicate with them. Lightening expected so have to make this short.

  13. So sorry for the loss of your friend, Linda. Maybe you could make one of your shrines to honor her.....

  14. Hi Tracey, thanks, been thinking along those lines.


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