Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I've had several requests for free standing shrines; here are two from the last firing. These garden houses are a take off from the shrines and the church buildings I've made in the past. I made this one deeper so a votive or candle holder fits nicely inside. I added feet so the bottom can be decorated and glazed. I also textured all the surfaces and it's glazed instead of slip painted. With an overhanging roof, water or humidity will shed nicely if it's placed outside.

The glaze broke nicely on the highly textured surfaces which was what I wanted. One caveat is the this glaze changes color in the inside space. Can you see the blue on the inside? Perhaps that's where I put the glaze on thicker or maybe it's hotter or cooler inside the building during the firing.

With this one I made little star cut outs to lighten the interior but other than that there is no opening. This one is more of a spirit or fairy house. They can come and go as they please through the small openings but others can only peer inside. I have some ideas for skylights or a chimney I might add to future pieces. I also have several more ideas for night lights and bird houses. More about those later.

As the shadows grew long at the end of the day I looked outside to see a cottontail browsing in the grass outside my window. I took the photos through the window and the screen so they aren't the best but I just had to show you. A few minutes later I saw another cottontail scurrying around. These little guys were running here and there, just for the fun of it, it seemed. So sweet they were.

I haven't forgotten about the versatile blogger award I received from Julia and Suzi, but I don't have my thoughts organized completely for that. Stay tuned for more pedestal bowls from the last firing coming up next. Thanks for reading and for all your comments and Happy Valentines Day to you all.


  1. Take your time.....the Versatile Blogger site says better to take your time and post the blogs that really mean something to you....than just post a bunch of blogs which would have all the meaning of a chain letter.

    Love the buildings and bunnies. Would it be especially auspicious if they show up on March 1?

  2. Your 'shrines' are all the rage here, selling like hotcakes. They're great outside with a citronella candle. Love those bunnies, so sweet. (I'm one of those who can't eat Bambi. I know, I know, but just can't.)

    Post when you can. We can only do so much. Many of us have been together for awhile now and understand when one has to slip off the screen for a bit.

    (I edited my post to say the priest was secretly married and that ours was his last wedding before he retired from the Navy. Thanks for spotting this!!! I had a roommate once who later secretly dated a priest and who helped him write his papers to leave the priesthood to marry her. He left, then secretly married another woman. My roommate didn't know as he continued to string her along. She went to see him; his wife, holding baby, answered the door. My roommate had a total breakdown. She never married.)

  3. Hi Suzi, thanks, ok I'll take my time Ha. So glad you like the shrines and bunnies, I hope they show up every evening. I worry about them in the yard with the owls and hawks.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, well I hope mine sell like hotcakes. oh I am so sorry for your friend what a rotten thing, some people are so cruel and obviously he shouldn't have been a priest, but then again there are many hypocrites who hide behind their religion.

  4. The shrines are very attractive, and I do see the blue. Glad you're having success with them.

  5. Hi Melissa, thanks, after months of trial and error, I've finally gotten my seams to hold well enough to make it worth while to make these, they take a lot of clay, lots of parts, and lots of patience.

  6. Love your houses/shrines - seems they are a popular seller. Hope yours do as well!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  7. Lovely! And I have yet to see a rabbit of any kind scampering in my yard! Lol.

  8. Love the texture of the roof on the shrine.
    Just wait till you get your garden in. Then the bunny isn't so cute.
    I usually try to plant enough for the bunnies too. If you can't fight them, feed them.

  9. Happy Valentines Day to you and Gary.

  10. The little shrines are really nice. I wish I had somewhere I could use one of them. I've had only one cottontail rabbit all winter. There are too many predators for them to survive around here.

  11. Sweet! Love the shrines. It is funny how much effort we put in the smallest of things, but how satisfying when it all comes out right.

  12. Happy Valentines Day to you Linda! I love the texture on your shrines. I can't wait to see some birdhouses.

  13. Hi Judy, thanks, yes I hope they do well too. I wanted to make them since I was in the motorhome but knew they would never survive the travel, now I finally have the space and have worked out the kinks of construction and glazes to continue in that direction.

    Hi Gigi, thanks so much, we truly are lucky to have a spot for these creatures and to be able to observe them too.

    Hi Patti, thanks, my garden is in those raised block bins, do you think the bunnies will get up there too? I hope not. I know the squirrels seem to like digging in there.

    Hi Lori, thanks, we celebrated with a bottle of wine Gary got at the dollar store called Spring Creek chardonnay for $3 and it was actually quite good with hints of vanilla and pineapple.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, so glad you like the garden shrines. I guess the predators are the law of nature.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, yes so much effort but the rewards are worth it for sure.

    Hi Julia, thanks, I was worried part of the texture would be too rough, but it worked out just fine. I did make one bird house last year but never made any more, now to see where that leads me again. Since I have my work at the Garden Shed now I hope those will sell there.


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