Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Garden Goddess Flys Away

Gary and I have been doing some Spring cleaning. I keep telling Gary I'm going to get organized, but he doesn't believe me. I have good intentions but then I am distracted by making things in clay and my intentions go out the door. The Golden Eyed Garden Goddess is flying to Illinois to her new home. Her lips look like they are about ready to whisper something.

As I was packing her up I was thinking of others I might make. Maybe one with leaves and flowers, maybe an ocean goddess with shells and seagrass, maybe a woodland goddess with moss and branches. See what I mean. How can I clean or organize when there's clay work to be done. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I know what you mean. There is so much work needing to be done around the house (cringe).

  2. Hello Linda:
    Ah yes, a bevy of wonderful! One can surely never have too many Goddesses?

    And yes, we completely agree, whilst one's mind is focussed on the artistic process, washing and ironing really do not cut the mustard!!!

  3. Love the crown of leaves and medalion flowers on your goddess...yes make more!

  4. Maybe cleaning and organizing are tasks for less creative people? Or maybe we have to be creative in our time management to fit both into our day. Frankly, I'd rather create.
    Love the goddess ideas, do them, organize later.

  5. Love this goddess, glad she found a new home. I really do think you should make more of them.

    I know what you mean..everytime I try to organize or sort, I run across things that I either want to make more of. Or in my case, usually UNfinished things I had let go by the wayside when I got another spark of an idea.

  6. always exciting when your pots get to fly to new places!
    congrats on the sale... now go makes some more :o)

  7. Hello Linda---I know what you mean. I get easily distracted when I start spring cleaning in the studio. But I think more goddesses are in order! How about a spring cleaning goddess?

  8. Sounds to me like you have your priorities straight! Unless you're living in dangerous or unsanitary conditions, the housework can wait.
    While your Muse is with you, go with it!

  9. Congrats - an out of area sale is very satisfying. I'm sure I'd make more if I could bear to leave the housework - must be my French/German side coming through :(

  10. Hi Melissa, thanks, yes cringe for sure and don't ever look in my closets. Ha.

    Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, no thanks to washing and especially ironing.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, funny I never seem to think of making more till I see a piece or pick it up then I think of it.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I could be more organized in my life, but well that takes organization Ha.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, oh I know what you mean about discovering other projects that are half finished or left undone or forgotten to do, that's a real problem for me.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yes I love it when they fly out. Ha.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, lets see a cleaning goddess with a broom, dust pan and who knows what else. Ha.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, they say if your house isn't so clean you don't get ill as often I use that as an excuse. Check out the next post for a muse I should count as my own, thought of it after I read your post. Ha.

    Hi Anna, thanks, I have no trouble leaving the housework at all any longer.

  11. Love all the ideas for goddesses you have! Aaah, organizing and decluttering. Does it ever really end?

  12. Hi Laurie, thanks, no it never does end does it, oh well.


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