Saturday, March 24, 2012

Towers and Steeples

On a trip a few years ago, Gary and I took the eastern route from California to Oregon and back again. We passed acres and acres of graze land. As luck would have it we passed an old wool mill town called Shaniko and decided to stop. Many of the buildings in that town have been restored to their former glory. Above is a restored school house with a nice hip roof and beautiful bell tower. I love this shade of green. 

In a town further down the road we saw this abandoned church. So sad it was just left to decay. I love the Gothic windows. I could live in a building like this. Wouldn't it be a cool studio? There's a church in Seagrove, NC with Gothic style windows. I know I have a photo of it somewhere. Since I'm so inspired by architecture and buildings I put together an Etsy treasury called Home Sweet Home. I included a range of houses, shrines, fairy house, toad houses, bird houses, bird feeders and the like. Each one is so unique. 

This church bird house above was created by Mike Dolinsky, so much detail in his work. Next are two towers I saw near White Sands New Mexico on our trip from California to Florida. I think the town was Alamogordo. That's where I met Dan the Rock Man.

This old water tower was by the railroad tracks outside of town.  The tower below was attached to an old brick building. Somehow the tower and the brick building don't seem to relate to one another, not sure what the story was behind this building.

Here are a couple of towers I'd like to visit in Florida. The first is Century Tower at the University of Florida in Gainsville.

The next is Sulphur Springs Tower in Tampa. These last three images were borrowed from wikipedia with links provided.

And at the top of my list is Bok Tower Gardens near Lake City. A tower and a garden together, what could be better.

There's something about towers and steeples reaching for the sky, so inspiring. Sometimes what humans have built leaves me in awe. By the way, I added a few more recipes on the recipe page. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Great to see spread of architecture across the country...and towers and abandoned buildings are certainly inspirational.

  2. Linda construcoes...amei!!

  3. Strange to see an onion dome on a brick building...Was there and Russian influence in town? Nice collection of photos.

  4. Hi Barbara, thanks, so many unique structures, we love going to old ghost towns, you never know what you might discover in those towns.

    Hi Ma Ferreira, thanks, I love architecture.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, I was surprised to see that tower and never knew it was called an onion dome, I will have to research and see if there was a Russian influence in that town in New Mexico, thanks for the info.

  5. Thank goodness some old buildings are preserved! They add so much to a community.

  6. Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, yes they do especially when they can be seen for a long distance, as landmarks to the community.

  7. Hey Linda,
    I absolutely love the water tower. You could put a steampunk twist on it. Have you ever considered constructing a lighthouse? I would love to try making a rustic lighthouse. I wish I had more experience with handbuilding.
    I hope you're having a good weekend :)

  8. Hi Cindy, thanks, yeah the water tower is cool. It would be cool to make one and have a metal stand for it to sit in. I never thought of making a lighthouse recently because they don't have many here in Florida, but Oregon has some really great lighthouses. Hand building isn't the easiest that's for sure. Weather is great and we're having a good time, got our whole vegetable garden in, hope you're having a good one too.


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