Sunday, May 20, 2012

Herb Garden Pergola

When I had my lavender gardens I would take photos in the garden. Later I'd manipulate them with a digital program. Then I printed them on cards to sell in my gift shop. This is one of  those photos. It's the pergola in my previous herb garden.

Here's my original photo before manipulation. That's standard rosemary and French lavender in the foreground with a couple of granite boulders. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. What a great idea! Have a nice sunday.


  2. Hi Elna, thanks, it's like painting without a brush.

  3. I was sure you had painted it till I read further. Gorgeous and great to make cards. Unfortunately I don't use them much any more, just birthdays and thank yous. But it looked like a lovely herb garden. Do you think the next owners are keeping it up these days?

  4. I thought it was a painting that you did too!
    What a beautiful farm you had. It must have been so hard to leave it.

  5. Thank you for joining me, Linda, I think you work is so creative and highly original.

  6. Beautiful and brilliant.

  7. I thought that was a painting too!!! What a nifty idea!

  8. Hi Barbara, thanks, I wish I painted it I do love the bright colors.

    Hi Michele, thanks, still hard sometimes, but I don't miss all that work.

    Hi Carole Ann, thanks so much, and for stopping by.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, it's fun to manipulate photos every once in a while, you never know what you might get.

  9. Hi Lori, thanks so much, I used to have fun making these cards, for this photo I'd love to have it blown up and hanging on my wall now.


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