Monday, May 28, 2012

Spiral Basket

I decided to try a few more baskets. The other day I said I wasn't going to make more of these because of the losses. But I realized I can't give up before I have attempted at least making a few more of these. This one has spiral legs and the uprights end in spirals too.

This is a white patio dahlia from my last garden, white, a symbol of peace. Don't get me wrong, I do support our troop and I do honor those who have died protecting our country. But every time I think of war, I can't help but think money spent on wars could be put to a much better use.

I think the injuries both physical and mental and the loss of life is too high a cost; that the trauma to those affected is much too high as well. Here's Edwin Starr singing War. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I agree with you. It's always the men who start the wars. And at what cost?!

  2. WOW! Keep working on the baskets. You are going places?

  3. This basket is great!


  4. And the wars keep on coming--it never ends!

  5. Syria--I am ill. The basket is a triumph.

  6. Lovely, such a success! Well worth persevering.
    I've a new blog,
    and wondered if you would kindly add yourself as follower? I'm looking for support. :0) Thanks. Carole.

  7. awesome basket! it's your best one yet, glad you didn't give up.

  8. Ola,Adorei teus trabalhos,tuas idéias,teus gatos enfim todo teu blog é adorável.Virei sempre.Grande abraço.

  9. As long as there is greed and hate, I fear there will be war. Such a horrific waste of lives, money and rescources.

  10. Love those baskets. Historians are already saying the invasion of Iraq will go down as one of history's significant blunders.

  11. Hi Gigi, thanks, too much cost in my estimation and I just heard on the news last night that there are POWs right now, so sad.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, I hope to improve the making as I go.

    Hi Elnas, thanks so much.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, too much carnage.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, yes too much waste.

    Hi Carole, thanks, I will stop by today.

    Hi Michele, thanks, if I give up it's always in the back of my mind that I should have gone further.

  12. Hi Suzane, thanks so much and thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Patti, thanks, yes there is probably a bit of politics in there too, a real waste.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, there have been too many significant blunders over the eons.


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