Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tribal Naturals

Here is a sneak peak at some of my new tribal naturals. I plan to leave these focal pendants the natural clay color.

I'm making these very thin so they'll be light weight to wear. Since they're so thin there's almost a fifty percent loss when I sand them. 

I've hand brushed these with local Florida clay. There are others which are made of different clay bodies and other clays are used in brushwork.

Some will have natural leather cord, others I hope to string with other natural fibers and perhaps incorporate some natural found objects. I'd be curious to see what other jewelry artists do with some of these in their work.

More about these and some other statement pendants I'm working on in the future. Have a good weekend and thanks for all your comments and advice.


  1. These are nicely out of the ordinary. Pleasing to look at. Well done. I think feathers and beads and some semi shiny things would enhance the character.

  2. I really find these pieces appealing. They have a Southwestern look to them.

  3. That last one is calling out for some added green. I can visualize it. ~Mary

  4. I think the top one is really interesting.

  5. I am always surprised at the different directions you take with clay. Those are really stunning.

  6. These are beautiful Linda! I love the tribal look, very spiritual.

  7. Hi Joanne, thanks so much, love that you can see these enhanced with different elements, I never thought of something shiny either, but I will give that some thought, a little bling can't hurt.

    Hi Sonia, thanks, I think that one is my favorite too.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, yes I think they do because of the red clay color and just now I was wondering how they would look with different colors of stains on them, like turquoise or red or yellow. So many possibilities.

    Hi Mary, thanks, some green, now what color green are you imagining, dark green, light green, grass green?

    Hi Melissa, thanks, again that is my favorite one too. Something about it being simple yet strong.

    Hi Patti, thanks, well you know me I just can't help myself and as Gary says there is no helping me. Ha.

    Hi Denise, thanks, I called them tribal but if they were a different color they might not seem tribal, but maybe they would, have to think about that.

  8. Dark green & a bit of burnt orange rust actually :-)

  9. Hi Mary, thanks, always curious as to others visions about my art, thanks so much.


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